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Found 1 result

  1. Varrock Username: Foodstamps Age: 25 (26 in August) Timezone: Central Where are you from? Laporte, Indiana. USA. How long have you been part of the Varrock Community? I was in the discord a week and a half to two weeks before launch day How many hours do you spend online daily? 8+ usually at the minimum, sometimes 12-18hour days of being online gaming. Are you active in-game, discord, and our forums? yes, yes, and no not really because they just came back up. but i plan to be checking around on them. im not very good about actual posting but i do read alot on forums. Why would you like to be part of the Varrock Staff Team? I seem to be active in the middle of the night when a staff member "might" be online, It's a fun server with a pretty good community, and i feel as if i could benefit the team rather than hinder it as some would do. What are some of the strengths you possess? Strong-willed, Very opinionated (although this could be taken as a weakness in some instances) Loyal to a fault. sometimes i can be way too trusting....but can't we all? What are some of your weaknesses you possess? I can be an ass when called for (sorry for the language on the app.) I'm a little less emotional about traumas that set some people off, but that doesn't mean I cant be caring in the situation, some of my bad jokes come from making humor out of a bad situation, normally my own bad situations (I try to always see the lighter side) gotta contradict myself abit here, and say i dont trust anyone...but i do sometimes give the benefit of the doubt and get screwed over usually. Please describe any experience in leadership or staff roles you currently have or had: I've led a multitude of things, almost always being up top, from being clan leader, to colead, to "marshal, a rank kind of under colead" From xbox games that you have to keep track of all your clan things elsewhere (on pen and paper sometimes) to pc games that have clan tabs in game that keep track of it for you, for the most part. The first time i was a staff member was wayyy back around 2008? I was an Admin, and since then i loved being a staff member, I think ive been admin one other time but cant remember for sure. I've been a moderator 3-4 times and support once, the last time i was a staff member anywhere I was support, and promoted to Mod when the server went down waiting a new launch that never happened, they should both be offline at this point for sure. Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application? Nobody wants to be a regular player obviously, or atleast very few do. But with promoting me atleast you can be rest assured that you wont have a "new guy" just someone abit rusty on commands that shouldnt be needed much. And also i like to try and resolve conflicts without handing out any type of punishment. What are some of the recognizable ways in which you helped the community? Reporting bugs i come across, even if its a potential bug i make note of it to a staff member to check out. Helping with general questions, (less notable, asking questions so I know in the future, every servers different) In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock with this position and what you hope to achieve in the future: I hope to bring another staff member into the fold (myself ofcourse) that knows how to have fun and joke at most times, and be serious when its time to be serious. In the future I want to achieve more resepect among the community, and hopefully in being a good staff member we could get more people to join the server Do you understand that if you break any rules, abuse power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on your offenses? Understood 100% and i say good. Have you ever disagreed with a staff's (in-game moderating) action? If so, what would you have done as a Server Support in that situation?: Not really, and I would talk to them in the STAFF discussion area, or talk to them in private and ask why...I feel as if one staff member shouldn't question another in public, unless they are seriously out of line. it causes favoritism and other things to flare up bad tensions. A friend of yours comes to you complaining that he has been banned by another staff member, and wants you to find out why. Upon further investigation, you discover that you believe the ban is unjustified. How do you handle that? I bring it up with the person who banned them, probably just to find more out about why... you wouldn't want hostile tensions with a co-worker, would you?. one of the reasons I don't play with IRL friends online. If it was justified they'll stay banned obviously. If it really was unjustified I would probably talk to an admin about the decision, most likely with the "banner" present. *edit* I forgot about forums complaints and appeals... If there are a few users began saying "THIS CLIENT SUCKS!" and spamming it, what would you do? Ask them why they're saying it and ask them to quit it. If they wouldn't quit id most likely consult staff on what to do, or depending on how bad it gets possibly give a ::jail to talk to them, which I've seen someone attempt. lol or ::mute if they decide they don't want to talk, and then pass it on to a higher up. Sorry but I feel as if any ::jail ::mute or ::ban should be brought up in possible discussion or at least made aware to staff members. (makes it harder for a player to go behind one staff members back to another that way as well)
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