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Found 4 results

  1. Cute's Fishing / Cooking Guide 101 Hey you fellow Varrock members Welcome to my Fishing / Cooking Guide Ironman/Normal To start Fishing you will need to use Skills Teleport to travel yourself to "Skillers Cove" To buy fishing supplies you'll need to speak to "Master Fisher" LVL: 1-20 Shrimps and Anchovies Location: south/west of the bank Item requirements: Small Fishing Net LVL: 20-40 Trout and Salmon Location: south of the bank Item requirements: Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers Normal: You can get feathers from the fishing shop Ironman: Killing chickens(located in Monster Teleport "Chickens") or aviansies (located in GodWarsDungeon) LVL: 40-76 Lobster Item requirements: Lobster pot Location: south-east of the bank LVL:76-99 Sharks Location: west of the bank Item requirements: Harpoon Cooking I suggest getting 99 fishing first before cooking for fastest xp rate or you can get full inventory of fishes same time you are fishing and cooking them in the Skillers Cove cooking range Best place to cook is in building across the pond east of Falador Skilling Zone (bank is 6 squares close) If you can give better tips comment down below I made this in a hurry (english isn't my native language)
  2. Hey everyone ! Welcome to my Normal Mode Mining guide ! Hope this becomes a reference for the future and helps out players training Mining. Tools Needed To train Mining, you need a pickaxe. You can either pick up the bronze pickaxe beside the mining spot at home or you can purchase one at home in the north building, in the west wing. Trade the Shop Assistant. The pickaxe you can use depends on your Mining level. Here they are: Bronze Pickaxe: Level 1 Iron Pickaxe: Level 1 Steel Pickaxe: Level 6 Mithril Pickaxe: Level 21 Adamant Pickaxe: Level 31 Rune Pickaxe: Level 41 Dragon Pickaxe: Level 61 ** A Dragon pickaxe is obtainable as a drop from either Callisto, Chaos Elemental, Scorpia, Venenatis or tradeable from other players. ** ** BEWARE THOSE BOSSES ARE IN THE WILDERNESS ** Ores Tin/Copper/Clay ---> Level 1 Iron Ore ---> Level 15 Silver Ore ---> Level 20 Coal ---> Level 30 Gold ---> Level 40 Gem Rocks ---> Level 40 Mithril Ore ---> Level 55 Adamantite Ore ---> Level 70 Runite Ore ---> Level 85 Outfit You can obtain the Prospector gear pieces when you complete different achievements. Each piece gives you some bonus experience when mining. Here are the achievements required to unlock each piece: Prospector Helmet: Mining Task I ---> Mine 1000 rocks Prospector Boots: Mining Task I ---> Mine 1000 rocks Prospector Legs: Intermediate Miner ---> Mine 2500 rocks Prospector Jacket: Expert Miner ---> Mine 5000 rocks The bonus % works depending on how many pieces of gear you have and not which piece you have. For example, whether you wear the Prospector Jacket alone or the boots alone, it's still the same bonus. It differs by the amount of piece you wear; 1 piece = 12,6% bonus xp 2 pieces = 26,8% bonus xp 3 pieces = 42,8% bonus xp 4 pieces (Full set) = 60,8% bonus xp Rocks location You can find all the lowest and medium rocks at ::home, south west of the center fountain. At this place you'll find: 1 Bronze pickaxe 2 Tin Rocks 3 Copper Rocks 3 Clay Rocks 3 Iron Rocks 1 Silver Rocks 4 Coal 4 Gold Rocks Experience Table (Take in consideration I'm first tier Donator so you'll get a bit less experience if you ain't a donor) Bonus weekend XP with be entered between ( ). Tin, Copper and Clay are all the same XP: Regular XP: 900 (1,800) 1 Prospector Piece: 1,013 (2,026) 2 Prospector Pieces: 1,141 (2,282) 3 Prospector Pieces: 1,285 (2,570) Full Prospector Outfit: 1,447 (2,894) Iron Ore: Regular XP: 1,750 (3,500) 1 Prospector Piece: 1,970 (3,940) 2 Prospector Pieces: 2,219 (4,438) 3 Prospector Pieces: 2,499 (4,998) Full Prospector Outfit: 2,814 (5,628) Silver Ore: Regular XP: 2,000 (4,000) 1 Prospector Piece: 2,252 (4,504) 2 Prospector Pieces: 2,536 (5,072) 3 Prospector Pieces: 2,856 (5,712) Full Prospector Outfit: 3,216 (6,432) Coal: Regular XP: 2,500 (5,000) 1 Prospector Piece: 2,815 (5,630) 2 Prospector Pieces: 3,170 (6,340) 3 Prospector Pieces: 3,570 (7,140) Full Prospector Outfit: 4,021 (8,042) Gold Ore: Regular XP: 3,250 (6,500) 1 Prospector Piece: 3,660 (7,320) 2 Prospector Pieces: 4,121 (8,242) 3 Prospector Pieces: 4,641 (9,282) Full Prospector Outfit: 5,227 (10,454) Gem Rock: Regular XP: 3,000 (6,000) 1 Prospector Piece: 3,378 (6,756) 2 Prospector Pieces: 3,804 (7,608) 3 Prospector Pieces: 4,284 (8,568) Full Prospector Outfit: 4,825 (9,650) Mithril Ore: Regular XP: 4,000 (8,000) 1 Prospector Piece: 4,504 (9,008) 2 Prospector Pieces: 5,072 (10,144) 3 Prospector Pieces: 5,712 (11,424) Full Prospector Outfit: 6,433 (12,866) Adamantite Ore: Regular XP: 4,750 (9,500) 1 Prospector Piece: 5,349 (10,698) 2 Prospector Pieces: 6,024 (12,048) 3 Prospector Pieces: 6,784 (13,568) Full Prospector Outfit: 7,640 (15,280) Runite Ore: Regular XP: 6,250 (12,500) 1 Prospector Piece: 7,038 (14,076) 2 Prospector Pieces: 7,791 (15,582) 3 Prospector Pieces: 8,926 (17,852) Full Prospector Outfit: 10,502 (20,104) Gem Rocks Gem rocks can be found at "Lands End". To get there, open your magic spellbook, select "Skilling teleport" and select the first option on the right side. You'll find 3 Gem Rocks and a bank (deposit box) nearby. You can obtain uncut Jade, Opal, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond from them, which are excellent for crafting. My Preferences On my way to 99 Mining, I experienced different way to train up. Although, the best efficient way to train it imo is with Gem Rocks. 1-15 ---> Tin/Copper 15-40 Iron ores 40-99 Gem Rocks Try to end up with the same amount of Tin and Copper ores in order to be able to make bronze bars without having leftover ores. Mining Iron Ores from 15 to 40 allows you to rack up some iron ores used for Smithing later on. Iron ores are also very quick to mine and respawn fast aswell. Mining Gems from 40 and up allows you to rack up a lot of gems. Those will play a huge role in your road to 99 crafting. Mining Cape Perk Once you have achieved 99 Mining, go get your Mining Cape from the Wise Old Man at Home. When worn, that cape will earn you 2x ores per successful mining action. Works from tin and clay all the way to Runite ores. HUGE THANKS to DanyMcDuff for the calculations of the Prospector Set % Bonuses. I Hope it answers your question and help you achieve your mining goals ! Feel free to PM me ingame if you have any questions. Leave a comment if you think I forgot something or put wrong information.
  3. Hey everyone ! Welcome to my Normal Mode Woodcutting guide ! Hope this becomes a reference for the future and helps out players training Woodcutting. Tools Needed To train Woodcutting, you need an axe. You can purchase an axe at home in the north building, in the west wing. Trade the Shop Assistant. The axe you can use depends on your Woodcutting level. Here they are: Bronze Axe: Level 1 Iron Axe: Level 1 Steel Axe: Level 6 Black Axe: Level 6 Mithril Axe: Level 21 Adamant Axe: Level 31 Rune Axe: Level 41 Dragon Axe: Level 61 ** ** Dragon axe is obtainable as a drop from the Dagganoth Kings or tradeable from other players ** Type of trees Tree : Level 1 --> Oak Tree : Level 15 --> Willow Tree : Level 30 --> Teak Tree : Level 35 --> Maple Tree : Level 45 --> Mahogany Tree : Level 50 --> Yew Tree : Level 60 --> Magic Tree : Level 75 --> Redwood Tree : Level 90 --> XP Needed 1-15 --­> 2,411 xp 15-30 --­> 10,952 xp 30-45 --­> 48,149 xp 45-60 --­> 212,230 xp 60-75 --­> 936,679 xp 75-90 --­> 4,135,911 xp 90-99 --­> 7,688,099 xp Logs Needed 1-15 --­> 2 Regular Logs 15-30 --­> 4 Oak Logs 30-45 --­> 10 Willow Logs 45-60 --­> 29 Maple Logs 60-75 --­> 72 Yew Logs 75-90 --­> 221 Magic Logs 90-99 --­> 270 Redwood Logs Areas You can find regular trees at home south of the bank. Training on those will get you quick levels. You can also find Maples, Willows and Yew Trees around that same bank. Once you hit 60 Woodcutting you can access the Woodcutting Guild. This is the SUMMUM for Woodcutters. There are all those previously listed trees besides Teak and Mahogany. You can access the Redwood trees by climbing the ladders just west of the Magic Trees. Woodcutting Guild Map This area contains the followings: 11 Trees 4 Oak Trees 7 Willow Trees 13 Maple Trees 17 Yew Trees 8 Magic Trees 2 Redwood Trees (That's the equivalent of 24 trees) Thanks for viewing !
  4. Thieving Guide Welcome to my Thieving Guide ! I hope it answers most of your questions and help you train it to whatever level you aim ! Uses Thieving is used to gather coins, resources, runes. Divided in 3 categories, you always have an option to answer your needs. Categories Stall Stealing Pickpocketing Picklocking Stall Stealing: Stall Stealing happens when you succesfully steal from a stall. They can be found at various places such as South of ::Home, Falador Skilling Zone or around a few cities such as Ardougne, Varrock, Rellekka. Pickpocketing: Pickpocketing happens when you successfully pickpocket a NPC. There are a bunch of available targets all around Gielinor to gather some resources/cash. Picklocking: Picklocking happens when you successfully use a lockpick to open a chest. There are a bunch of chests which are openable to receive some juicy loots. I'm not quite sure yet if those are available on Varrock. Stall Stealing Baker's Stall .... Level 1 .... 937xp/action ---- sells for 1,500gp ---> 40,500 gp/inventory Silk Stall .... Level 25 .... 1,757xp/action ---- sells for 2,750gp ---> 74,250 gp/inventory Fur Stall .... Level 50 .... 3,163xp/action ---- sells for 4,000gp ---> 108,000 gp/inventory Silver Stall .... Level 75 .... 4,686xp/action ---- sells for 5,000gp ---> 135,000 gp/inventory Gem Stall .... Level 90 .... 5,858xp/action ---- sells for 6,500gp ---> 175,500 gp/inventory Pickpocketing **Based on what I tried and know they're coded** Man/Woman .... Level 1 .... 410xp/action ---> Coins Master Farmer .... Level 60 .... 3,330xp/action ---> From Guams to Torstol seeds. Gnome .... Level 75 .... 4,355 xp/action ---> Coins Hero .... Level 80 .... 5,125xp/action ---> Coins Picklocking Unsure as to whether it's coded or not, therefore I'll update if necessary. Feel free to comment if I forgot anything, I'll make sure to edit it to make it as complete as possible. Thanks for reading the guide and hopefully it helps you out.
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