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  1. Agreed with this maybe each piece gives you a 5% chance
  2. Yeah I think 1500 total level seems fair. Its not too hard to achieve may take 2-3 days and it will stop people just creating level 3s and joining the raid with themself.
  3. No worries still a great guide I enjoy reading over these haha.
  4. Hey man, great guide but just thought I would point out that you put woodcutting guide at the start.
  5. I already made this poll and put it in discord for a few people to vote but just in case some of you missed it here is my suggestion for raids. https://www.strawpoll.me/18096248/r I think this would stop people creating accounts just to have them afk at raids and make raids more expensive as it should be.
  6. 100% a +1 from me great guy and see him in game helping all the time. He makes some great guides and seems to be very active. Good luck man!
  7. Welcome to the server! I agree this is one of the most enjoyable servers out here at the moment!
  8. Nah theres apps that let you run private servers on moblie. Its called somthing desktop just cant remember ask @Anubis
  9. Welcome to the server man! I'm sure there are a few pure pkers on the server so have fun and enjoy your stay
  10. You can only claim a present if you registered and posted an Introduction before official server release. Welcome to the server and enjoy your stay
  11. Another amazing guide man! Love the work keep it up!
  12. Welcome, already seen you get a few 99s hope you enjoy your stay
  13. Wow, this looks very nice! I will be sure to send all players needing help with woodcutting here!
  14. I know it reverts you to ironman cause one of my mates already died haha, and yeah the XP rate goes to normal ironman rate.
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