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  1. In-game Name(IGN): Crystalblue Discord Name(#ID): ‚úĒZeader#4659 What skills have you almost mastered (70-99): Attack , Defense , Strength , Herblore , Fletching (Original OSRS) Reason behind applying: Just looking for a group to join, Being in a group will always make a game more fun then playing by yourself. How can you benefit our local community in varrock?: Being friendly and always willing to help other players. Understand to full extent that breaking any rule either it be the clans or server will result in a ban from the clan and/or server?: Yes i fully understand.
  2. Hey Bois cant wait to start grinding up levels and PVPing with you bois. Hope you all have fun and also this server has some very sick art work and are very appealing.
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