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  1. Really well made and thorough! Keep getting them updated!
  2. Adam

    PvM Bossing Events

    Hey everyone! Many players are now at that stage where stats are decently high and gear is looking good at a mid-tier level. I'd think what most want to do now is look for an upgrade. So I suggest over the next week or so we should host a series of Bossing events to get people the upgrades they want! Leave any preferences regarding timings and bosses desired below - we can of course do a wide array of bosses over a number of days. Good luck! Adam
  3. Adam


    I'm inclined to agree - it's better to keep these sorts of things quiet, and if anyone has questions they can PM Staff instead of making a spectacle of it.
  4. Don't think I've said where I'm from yet, Birmingham here!
  5. It does depend on the situation, I'd have to say. A more aggressive person would require a more significant response. If someone can't be reasoned with, as can happen, I would be short with them and take further action if necessary. Generally people do stop after being sharply reprimanded or if threatened with action.
  6. To answer Anne's further questions: Have you ever disagreed with a staff's (ingame moderating) action? If so, what would you have done as a Server Support in that situation?: I have never disagreed with a staff's decision to date, but if I had done as a Server Support I would ask them why they had come to that decision and explain my own view, and see if we can come to an understanding on how the situation should be handled. A friend of yours comes to you complaining that he has been banned by another staff member, and wants you to find out why. Upon further investigation, you discover that you believe the ban is unjustified. How do you handle that? I would explain to the staff member who took action why I disagree with their decision. If we cannot come to a conclusion, I would confer with other members of the team to understand the general consensus - if it happens that more people disagree with me than agree, it's a safe assumption that I am wrong and will concede so. If there are a few users began saying "THIS CLIENT SUCKS!" and spamming it, what would you do? I would ask them to stop, first of all. If I'm unable to elicit and appropriate reaction and/or apology and they don't stop, if I had the power to I would kick them from the server. The same would go for if the spam takes place on Discord.
  7. Made these changes as requested, do tell if there's anything else you need to know!
  8. This is a brilliantly made application
  9. This looks like a great application and I wish you the best of luck with it!
  10. Varrock Username: Adam Age: 18 Timezone: GMT Where are you from? Based in the UK, originally from Pakistan How long have you been part of the Varrock Community? Since 3 days before the launch of Varrock, I'd chat in the discord regularly to put forward my excitement. How many hours do you spend online daily? Anywhere between 3 - 8 hours depending on college work. Are you active in-game, discord, and our forums? Yes Why would you like to be part of the Varrock Staff Team? I'd like to better help the community and players with various sever-related issues/questions and also with general OSRS knowledge. I like engaging with people and helping out, a position on the staff team would better enable me to do this. What are some of the strengths you possess? I've been playing Runescape for 12 years and OSRS since its release, so I have plenty of game knowledge. I'm also good at settling disputes and adapting quickly to new situations to find the best and most efficient solution. What are some of your weaknesses you posses? I can't always commit loads of time every single day - during a period of exams or particularly stressful time IRL I will prioritise it over gametime. I also tend to be non-confrontational, I don't enjoy telling people to simply shut up and instead might take a longer time explaining why their rational is flawed. Additionally I have no technical server-side experience - so if it comes down to specific game mechanics or alterations I will be little help, although I'm always happy to learn on the job! Please describe any experience in leadership or staff roles you currently have or had: I've been a member of staff from Server Support up to Moderator on three different RSPS, and have had staff positions in other video game communities of varying importance. Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application? I am extremely non-competitive as I believe games are meant to be enjoyed. Because of this I am always impartial and don't let emotion colour my opinion or cloud my judgement, something not everyone can say for themselves. What are some of the recognizable ways in which you helped the community? I've participated and raised awareness for every event I could be present for to date, as I'm a big fan of community events to bring people together in an otherwise grind-intensive game. In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock with this position and what you hope to achieve in the future: I want to host and/or organise more community events as well as be better able to act as a medium to relay popular opinion through polls to create a server that players can be happy and proud to play. The removal of toxicity through social intervention and QoL changes is a big aim of mine and I hope to be able to make it happen one day. Do you understand that if you break any rules, abuse power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on your offenses? Yes, of course!
  11. Hey guys! My names Adam I’m 18 years old and based in the UK. I’ll be finishing up my A Level exams this summer and so will have plenty of time to dedicate to playing and grinding! I’ll likely just be using a regular old main account and enjoying some PvM to pass the time. Can’t wait to get started!
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