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  1. Hello Varrock community. Below is a huge list of patch notes. Expected to be released 06/26/2019, more may be added in the lead up to that date also. Note - Any updates which are on Titans recent update post and then posted again on here are just being reworked slightly. / Fixed exp rates for extremes. Currently the combat gives 20x, it should give 10x and skilling should be 7.5x. / Fixed issue with raids emptying rune pouch. / Fixed issues where players would still take damage after using a teletab. / Added bolts, arrows and darts to the ironman shops. / Fixed xp bonuses so now all xp bonuses will stack. I.e well, double xp and double xp book. / Fixed donors exp boost rates - regular donor : 10% exp boost - super donor : 25% exp boost - Extreme donor : 50% exp boost - legendary donor : 55% exp boost - Uber donor : 60% exp boost - diamond donor : 70% exp boost / Added a great new slayer master to diamond zone that will only assign the following tasks if you have the correct slayer level. - Dark Beast - Abyssal Demon - Demonic Gorilla - Daganoths - Nech - Hellhound - Lava Dragons - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil / Added a npc to trade crystal seed for crystal bow, shield or Halberd. - Made the halberd spec hit every monster in a 3x3 radius which consumes 30% of your special bar. / Added Overloads to food shop / Cerberus at diamond donor zone can now be killed. / Godwars bosses range of attack lowered in Diamond zone. / Cure me lunar book spell fixed to also now remove venom. / Added chaos Druids into Edgeville dungeon. / Fixed Agility exploit. / Stopped interfaces closing with the spacebar. It will now be the ESC key. / Added a new donor shop NPC. / Added a server wide message when an Hardcore ironman dies. This will include the hardcore Ironmans skill level. / Kree ara minions will now count towards Aviansies tasks. / Fixed Decanter achievement bug. / Added a toggle-able option to break vial with the command ::breakvials. / Added a 30 second timer before resetting the corporeal beast HP. / Added a timer on imbued heart. / Made a ::afk command that allows staff member to not show on ::staff and a ::notafk one that does the opposite. / Fixed the making of anti-venom+. / Burying a bone in Catacombs will now give you 1 prayer point back. / Amulet of Glory will now allow you to teleport out of level 30 wildy. / Fix the royal seed pod to teleport u out of level 30 wildy and add it to a shop for 25mil & make it untradeable. This will also be kept on death. / Added a server wide announcement every 30 minutes to remind people to vote (similar to the donation one) / Increased the superior spawn rate by 10%. / Show personal best time at zulrah / fight caves / inferno. / GWD kill count will be kept upon DC or logout. / Added rock cakes to food shop. Eating will remove 1hp. / Tier 10 Emblems are now tradable. / Helpers can now use the ::xteleto command. / Fixed Revenant imp drops. / Fixed crafting issue with making certain Amulets and Rings. / Allow tab to reply even if the player isn't on your friendlist. / Added to the achievement shop gilded scimitar and gilded boots. / Added a ZMI altar to uber and diamond zone with a bank 1 square away from it. / Fixed Warrior Guild exploit. / Added a Wildy chaos altar that would save a bone with a 50% chance. Sincerly The Varrock Team
  2. Good luck with your application Guts!
  3. D you just add capes to the max cape?
  4. Joey

    Montreal here

    Welcome! I thought you already had an intro! Chat in game
  5. I was so happy to finally be on the other side and reset the count! Then this guy completes it on his own!
  6. 100% is up there with one of the best!
  7. Joey

    PvM Bossing Events

    We just had double drops on all bosses for 2 days?!
  8. How’d you get that 200m xp in fletching? There is no way you done this with longbows!
  9. I like the guide although I find its missing the 1-99 and suggested routes part. Thank you for the time and effort though
  10. Why not just use one tinderbox in the second spot? As this one you can just repeat until the logs are empty?
  11. Although there isn’t any maxed players of other game modes yet!
  12. I don't think you should get double seeds i think just extra XP is enough in my opinion.
  13. Thank you for the price updates, Ryan will get to adding them asap.
  14. I wouldn't say me welcoming the new people and letting them know that I am here if they need a hand is pressure helping. But I will take your advice on board. Thank you
  15. I like the thoughts of goals on the forums. Maybe the people who complete them would get a small cosmetic item in game too?
  16. Agree with this. I think it is already in the forums though to be honest
  17. Could be good for clan recruitment etc to be fair
  18. Another nice guide man. Thank you.
  19. Welcome to the server! Let me know if you need a hand with anything
  20. Joey

    Raids Suggestion

    Iron men and Extreme accounts should have lower total level imo.
  21. Joey

    Raids Suggestion

    Only thing is you need to do damage so joining at level 3 wouldn't get prizes
  22. I’ll be joining this list soon! Any idea what the stats are like for this cape?
  23. Joey

    Raids Suggestion

    Also not to mention, if you make it 2000 total level, you won’t get people bug abusing because they won’t want to risk their accounts although also means new players won’t get to try it!
  24. Nice application but try to separate the questions from the answers a little bit! Good luck though!
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