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  1. Bodhi


    Welcome Ali!
  2. Looks good dude, good luck!
  3. Welcome and nice to meet you dude. As far as I’ve seen this server is actually pretty unique, unlike all the other p2w servers with greedy owners
  4. Haven’t gotten a chance to talk to you much, but from what I’ve seen you’re friendly and helpful/welcoming to new players. Nice app and gl bro!
  5. Gl my dude, the cleanest thread on here so far haha. Inb4 I die on my hc within the first hour
  6. Welcome and good luck with your uim, or as I know it the most frustrating game mode on the most frustrating game
  7. Can I beg for gp rn or do I have to wait? welcome bro
  8. Bodhi

    Omega's intro

    Nice to meet you dude!
  9. w0ah br0 calm d0wn
  10. Bodhi

    Why, intro

    Welcome bro. I’ll be down for some pvm for sure
  11. Is that be a bears jacket?
  12. Not a bad idea, support
  13. Welcome! You share the name of my favorite Chicago bulls player so I know how to pronounce it
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