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  1. Jokes on you I will never get married anyways, waste of xp
  2. Welcome, why only skilling tho?
  3. Actually not a trihard clan. If you're a socially acceptable person (or not I don't really care) and want to communicate with other human beings then you will fit right in. No requirements, no bullshit, just a social clan for helping, money-making strategies and anything other. Clan name - no reqs feel free to join.
  4. Dw we'll take care of jacob, just share some HCIM luck with us
  5. ohhh, I'd love to be anywhere close to champ myself
  6. glad to be here xd practice makes perfect, I'm trash too tho ;( maybe we can play rl some time with you boys haha
  7. Hello gamers, I'm a chill guy that plays runescape for 10 years with breaks. Of course I also play other games like Rocket League, League of Legends and For Honor. I enjoy programming, going to the gym and just chilling with friends.
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