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  1. Ray


    Looking forward to other ironman in this game, competition will be enjoyable
  2. Ray


    Couldn't figure out how to edit my post once posted. I'm also 24 and study marketing, I will also be using a main alt for spare time if it is allowed.
  3. Account (IGN) - Ray Why do you want to join our clan? Share and gain ironman knowledge in this server. What are your goals here in Varrock? Become one of the leading ironman (compete for slayer highscores additionally) learn all aspects of the server. Are you willing to follow all clan rules and in game rules? Yes Do you understand that breaking clan rules or in game rules (depending on severity) may result in permanent ban from the clan and possibly the server?  Yes.
  4. Ray


    I'm Ray, Australian. Will play under ironman only.
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