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  1. Welcome to Varrock @Adam please enjoy your time here
  2. I accept your challenge @cicero
  3. In-game Name(IGN): Wraith Discord Name(#ID):XGC Wraith#8023 What skills have you almost mastered (85-99):N/A Reason behind applying:My two friends who made this clan held me at gun point How you can benefit our local community in varrock?:Helping people with Slayer Understand to full extent that breaking any rule either it be the clans or server will result in a ban from the clan and/or server?:Yes
  4. I'll definitely join
  5. My name is Kyle but I normally go by Wraith or Xiled Wraith. I've been playing Runescape for the better part of 15 years and I started playing private servers about 5 years ago. I was an admin and support team member in the past on a different server. I'm looking forward to racing all of you for boss drops when Varrock comes out.
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