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  1. Hello all and welcome to my Server Supporter/Moderator application. I have been playing OSRS since 2007 and i got addicted to it, i was introduced to Runescape private servers back in 2014 and i really loved it. Server-wise I've been in moderation roles on old servers. These servers were known as Grinderscape, and Fatality. I have also worked with other servers in the past, however, I do not wish to disclose these in public. There are other servers which have closed their doors years ago which are also part of my experience, but due to their age they are not worth listing. I'd love to work with you to help share some of my knowledge and experience in the field of moderation to help grow this community. While my experience wouldn't cover everything it would be a good start to becoming a level-headed moderator that is willing to objectively look at things and take them for face value. Thank you for reading this.
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    Sup yall my name is Vlad and i am from russia
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    Sup ray.
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