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  1. Ur in bois welcome to the klub. here are some chicken mcthuggets as some inspiration https://gyazo.com/0892c13f474eabfea9a5e1033fcd51d4
  2. It's a fun forum game. Who cares about post count? What matters is the reputation! 1.
  3. Ben I see you everywhere. 9/10
  4. Crap MONK YOU CHEATER!!! Back to 1!
  5. Nick

    Post your best meme!

    Hey everyone, I know we all love memes.. so post your best one and let us judge it!! Here's a meme from me to start... Hopefully someone who rates me will have seen GOT
  6. Hey guys! The goal of this thread is to count to 100 before a staff member posts. If a staff member DOES post... we must reset our number back to 0. I'll start. You can not post twice in a row. 1.
  7. Hey everyone, Simple game here.. Simply post on a scale from 1-10 how popular/well known the user who posted above you is! I'll try to give myself a rank..? 4/10
  8. Hi everyone, In my attempts to activize the forums, I thought I'd make a few discussion threads and just see where things landed us.. sooooo the question currently is.. what's the meaning/story behind your name? I'll start - My username is Nick because my name is Nick!
  9. As much as we're hyped, these final hours are used to critically check all content and ensure it's ready for release so I'm going to have to disagree lol. I know a few of the staff personally and they are just as excited as we are.. but they are diligently working to ensure a finished product/a clean product upon release. Be patient. Greatness awaits!
  10. Welcome to Varrock bro. horsetock is attached
  11. Nick


    Welcome to Varrock buddy. As long as we don't see Smeagol around anytime soon I'll be joining ya for some PvM in the future.
  12. Welcome to our club. Welcome to our club. Welcome Fuck welcome Fuck welcome Fuck welcome Fuck.
  13. My varsity jacket from my HS lol.
  14. Well hijueputa, if it isn't my buddy Monk Bird.
  15. Hi everyone. Below you will find my application for staff, all jokes aside this is a 100% serious application and reflects my goals, interests and aspirations as a potential member of the Varrock staff team. To the application -- Varrock Username: Nick (hopefully). Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern Standard (UTC -5) Where are you from?: I was born in Chicago, lived for awhile in STL and within the past few years moved to NYC. I live in an apartment complex with the Server Manager, @Zio. How long have you been a part of the Varrock Community?: Since shortly after Zio joined, as he told me about it. I'm not the most active person but I have the ability to act professionally and provide timely feedback, alongside my critical decision making skills. Are you active in-game, on discord, and on the forums?: Increasingly so, but as I stated above I'm not the most active person. I do put my personal life and work before Varrock. I think everyone should unless of course this is their job. Why would you like to be part of the Varrock staff team?: I've never had a problem with being a staff member, I just usually strayed away from/declined positions of power in the past due to the community, if I am honest. I was offered a staff position (and held one) on a server I currently play that has been running for 1.5+ years. I quickly removed myself from staff level duties due to the playerbase and it's toxicity. I have yet to run into that toxicity here, so, honestly, I'd like to give this server's staff team a shot. I think I have some serious value to add. I believe @Jacoband @Monk Bird would vouch for my good character. What are some strengths you posses?: Critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, humor (yes, that's a skill), the ability to form coherent sentences, and I will tell you like it is. I'm not a sugarcoater. If you're looking for someone who butters everything up and pretends the world is all sunshine and rainbows, then I would advise you to disregard this staff application. What are some of your weaknesses you posses?: I think "telling it like it is" can be both a weakness and a strength. I also have a lot of priorities that come before Varrock - school, work, my personal life (to name a few). Please describe any experience in leadership roles you currently have or have had: I listed this above, but I'll recap - I was a moderator (with admin acc access and forum administrator access) on a currently running server with an average playercount of 50+ for several months. I resigned/removed myself from the equation due to toxicity of the server and its administration. I am also a manager IRL at my job, where I work for the 4th busiest location of my particular business in the entirety of the United States (of which there are 2,200 locations). Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application?: I am significantly more mature (when necessary) than probably 99% of the entire RSPS community. That in an of itself should speak volumes. What are some recognizable ways in which you've helped the community?: I'm talkative on discord, and I've mentioned the server to a few buddies. I have not made any significant impact however, if I am completely honest. In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock in this position and what you hope to achieve in the future?: Honestly, I just want to bring the staff team piece of mind and the playerbase the same. I dislike servers where the two communities are separated from each other and I think I can bring a sense of union to the likes of both. I also bring alongside me professionalism and perfectionism which I believe both go a long way in changing the overall experience for the better. Do you understand that if you break and rules, abuse your power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or end up being a horrendous staff member you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on the severity of your offense?: Of course. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, Nick
  16. ya fuckin in bois
  17. Hey everyone. Didn't see a real life photo thread yet, so I thought I'd make my own. Feel free to post your own RL photos also! Remember to be kind to others!! Here is a photo of me staring off into the sky for no fucking reason. Will upload more l8r.
  18. Nick

    Buns Introduction

    Hey I heard ur hot sxc online girl can we hang out i am lonely need female person in my life ty
  19. Bruh we a sick as fuck clan nomsain? Here is the way to join: Just fucking say ya want to, ya dig? We own everything. Wildy, duel arena, dice area, ur mom. Yes this clan is legit. Pls join lmao. Nick outttt EDIT: ROSTER Owner - Nick Admin(s) - Omega
  20. Nick

    Omega's intro

    My ngr my ngr. My m'fin N G R.
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