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  1. aoixivv


    Welcome man! enjoy your stay here in varrock!
  2. Accepted! message me while your in game when you have the chance to let me know who you are and that i can add you! see you there!
  3. Accepted Message me in game to be added!
  4. Accepted Message me in game to be added!
  5. Accepted Message me in game to be added!
  6. Haha welcome! that would actually be awesome if you got back into OSRS cause of varrock !!
  7. Hey bro, i am also from New Zealand great to see others from my country around! Welcome to Varrock, me and the management team are happy to see you here.
  8. Accepted! Welcome to skillersCove ... if you intend on changing your in-game name before launch.. lmk via. discord DM's can't wait to see your skills man
  9. Ay! this is decent as f*** good luck man +1
  10. Great application man! definitely a 1+ from me bro good luck!
  11. I am Aoixivv, well cause TipsWithAoi and i lack imagination.
  12. aoixivv


    #11 : on launch, you can dance freely! #12 : bless your cotton socks #13 : cocaine is not icing sugar #14 : weed is the equivalent to green herb spice #15 : don't do drugs, do kitchen utensils
  13. Good luck on doing this goal! rather etiquette goal. wish you luck man.
  14. Only a few hours to go look forward to seeing you on launch ! Welcome.
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