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  1. cicero


    ברוכים הבאים Varrock דגים, מקווה שאתה נהנה הזמן שלך כאן איתנו, יש יום ההשקה מדהים ידידי!
  2. Welcome to Varrock, Hope you have a great launch day with us dude !
  3. cicero

    Hey everyone

    We are in the presence of greatness, P Diddy himself has blessed us with his time here on our server. Welcome to Varrock Mr diddy.
  4. cicero

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to Varrock Marsh, Hope you enjoy your launch day here with us !
  5. welcome to the community Julian, Hope you enjoy your time here with Varrock !
  6. cicero

    Hey everyone.

    Damn nice bio Legacy, See you in game on launch day !
  7. Welcome to Varrock juul, See you at launch day !
  8. Welcome to the Varrock community ninja, See you soon in game !
  9. Welcome to Varrock Minty, see you in game at launch day bud !
  10. Welcome to the Varrock community Sextumi, See you in game at launch day !
  11. Welcome to the Varrock community ben, Happy to have you here with us for launch !
  12. Welcome to the Varrock Community monk, Happy to have you here with us !
  13. Welcome to the Server brett, Check out Iron vitality if you want to join a Ironman/hcim clan in game at launch!
  14. cicero

    Why, intro

    Looking forward to playing in game with you Ryan, Welcome to the Varrock community !
  15. Welcome to Varrock Ashley, Have a great launch day !
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