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  1. Hey @Codeyes, I have to agree @Montreal. My schedule reaches pretty much every timezone, due to the fact that I work in day & night shifts. And I haven't seen you in-game, at all. Sorry, I might come back to this later. Good luck with your application.
  2. Due to the fact that Farming is a fast and easy skill to train, I didn't add the 'routes'. Players can easily look up the Level Requirements to see which herbs they will have to plant, in order to get the best exp/h. Or to get the best Herblore setup.
  3. Heya, thanks for reading my guide. Good luck on your farming grind, hopefully you'll receive a Tangerloot pet in the progress.. 1. Obtaining farming tools & Seeds. Teleport to the Falador Skilling Zone, via the skills teleport. There you'll find a Master Farmer, trade the Farmer to buy your farming tools. Continue your farming grind by buying seeds from other players, or obtaining seeds through pvming or pickpocketing the master farmer. 2. Inventory Setup. You're pretty much free to choose how you setup your inventory, but I kinda like a certain setup. The setup I use is efficient in my eyes and works the best for me. Feel free to use a setup to your own liking. 3. Compost bin & Farming actions. First you have to clean the patches by clicking on the patch. You'll start raking the patches, receiving weeds whilst doing so. Next, use the weeds on the 'Compost bin', to create compost. Right click on the compost bin again to empty, with 1/4 bucket(s) in your inventory. This will fill your empty buckets with Compost, which is needed to 'feed' your patches. Next, you'll use the compost on the patches. This then enables you to plant the seeds and water them. 4. Timers & Bonus. Growth timers are quite fast on Varrock. Timers vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the seed's tier. The farmers outfit gives you exp bonus, just like the Rogue's set gives you exp bones whilst thieving. Overtime, you'll complete the achievements and receive outfit pieces of the Farmers Outfit. Farming Task I Farming Task II Farming Task III Pick Herbs 100 Times Pick Herbs 300 Times Pick Herbs 600 Times
  4. Heya, Currently rogue armour set only gives bonusses when stealing from stalls on Varrock. I think it would be very beneficial, especially for ironman, to add the double seeds feature when pickpocketing the master farmer. This is how it works on Oldschool Runescape aswell. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Crystal keys: 500-750k lately. Trident of the seas: 25-30m. Abyssal whip: 5-6m. Mystery boxes 10-15m. The prices I've seen these items go for in the past couple of days.
  6. There are certain userbars set up already, correct! We're missing Donator userbars and usergroups though.
  7. I don't believe that rewarding players that achieve something on the forums, should be rewarded with in-game items. However, perhaps we could set certain rewards that will be untradeable. Let's work on getting this application accepted, before we continue about another suggestion. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Hey @Foodstamps You're a nice guy and it seems like you have good intentions. But I won't be able to support your application. Your application is very poorly written. Apart from the way you created your application, I can't stand the way you reply to certain posts and bump your own staff application. I'll create a spoiler to point out some of the posts you made. You would have to work on your character, ways of communicating and helping others, before I'll be able to rewrite feedback on your application. Good luck either way.
  9. Hey @Connor, Apart from being a friendly dude, you didn't trigger me to support this application in any way. You ask a lot of questions and come across as a troll. Your whole appearance isn't staff worth in my opinion. I will not be supporting your application. At least, for now. Good luck either way.
  10. Hey @Joey, I'm rather new on this server, but I can already tell that you're a great fit for the Varrock's staff team. You know a lot about the game, and you are willing and able to share that knowledge in a great way. I would however like to ask you to calm down a tiny bit with the "Pressure helping".. You seem a bit rushed and overly excited for a promotion. Besides that, and like I said before.. You're a great candidate. I'll be giving you my support. Good luck!
  11. Hey @Montreal I like your application a lot. Eventhough it wasn't made the way I'd make one. I'll be happy to support your Forum Moderator application. You're an active member of our community. And you have the ability to share your knowledge like no other.. I honestly hope that the Higher-ups give you the chance you deserve of being a Forum moderator or Server support. Good luck with your application!
  12. Hey @Pat, Your application is very hard to read and seems a bit off in my opinion. A post with multiple different cases isn't something I'd like to see on an application. (that's out of your reach and might just be my opinion though) I also haven't seen you actively help in-game yet. Apart from all that, you seem like a nice guy with the intention to help others. I'll stay neutral for now. Best of luck with your application.
  13. Heya, It would be nice to be able to be able to use certain commands which will redirect you to the correct post. Example: Writing ::topic 603 in-game, will open up a tab and redirect you to: Thanks!
  14. Heya, It would be nice to add donator yelltags. I'm not sure wether this is a plan for upcomming updates already, or not.. So hence the suggestion. Thanks!
  15. It would indeed be nice to see a top 10. of every game mode.
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