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  1. Fletching is a simple skill Current methods: Making arrowshafts by using a Knife on logs (the high level logs the more shafts per log) to craft arrow shafts then by using feathers is currently the fastest way to train To obtain a knife go to the general store or as an Ironman you can use the Ironman shop Feathers can be bought at the cooking shop at home or by purchasing at the skillers cove fishing shop, if you're an Ironman go to Aviansies with a ranged or magic attack. They can drop up to 2.2k at a time Arrowshafts can be made by any logs and the rates are as follows: Logs = 15 oak logs = 30 willow = 45 maple = 60 yew = 75 magic = 90 other methods of fletching are plausible but none are as rewarding.
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