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  1. Wow thanks buddy. I'll try my best to fill in every categories whenever !
  2. Hey everyone, I've been on the server for a while already so I thought I'd make an introduction post. Who am I ? I'm Vinny, 26 years old from Canada. I live in Montreal, hence the name Montreal. Living here earned me the possibility to learn both English and French. My main language is French, but I'm also pretty good with English. I took 2 years of Spanish classes at College back in 2012-2013. I've graduated as an electrician back in 2014 and still work as one all around the country. Rsps history: I've played a LOT of RSPS since the Old Laggy Moparscape where no one could connect for more than 5 minutes before getting disconnected. I started playing RSPS 10 years ago. I'm a skiller type of guy who strives to reach out the maximum level in every skill in due time. I've had the chance to be Staff on 7 different servers over the lapse of those 10 years. What do I like the most ? Being the 2nd of a 6 children family, helping others have always been a part of me. I do that whenever it's possible. In the RSPS scene, I like to help others and leave my footprint in every servers I try. Whether it's by organizing events, giving out starter packs to newcomers. I believe if a player is warm welcomed, he's gonna start with a more positive attitude towards the server. That's what matters in the end. Also, I'm a little bit of a 'geek'. I enjoy gathering datas about everything I can. I think that is why I enjoy writting skilling guides. I always try to improve them to make them easier to read, more informative etc. So that's about me. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a PM in-game. I'm pretty active on the forums so I'll answer as soon as possible. Looking forward to see you all in-game
  3. Thanks buddy Think this is my nicest so far !
  4. Just a small suggestion; Being able to see our total Experience when hovering the mouse over ''Total Level''. I don't think it's too much work to include that and would be a nice QoL update
  5. I've already suggested that on Discord with the -suggest command. It did get quite a bit of likes aswell.
  6. Hey there, I can't say I support simply because I haven't seen you at all in-game and don't have an idea on what type of individual you can be, but best of luck to you nonetheless.
  7. I agree with Joey. A guide without experience rates, guidelines, tips etc isn't complete in my opinion.
  8. Montreal

    PvM Bossing Events

    You don't get it. That event of 2x was active way too long. I'm talking about 1-2 hours of it.
  9. Because I'm unsure whether that firemaking method is gonna be fixed or not. You normally have to click every single logs, not only the last one. If it stays the same, well the last tinderbox should remain there indeed.
  10. I could deal with something like that yea. 5%/piece and maybe like 2.5% more for the total set in bonus. That would motivate people to grind for it !
  11. Hey everyone ! Welcome to my Firemaking Guide ! It's pretty straight forward and easy but I still hope you find it useful ! Here it goes ! Requirements To train this skill, you first need to get a Tinderbox. Trade the Shop Assistant at home to purchase one ! You'll need to use the tinderbox on any log to light it up depending on your Firemaking level. Logs / Level / Experience (Double xp weekend) Regular Log ---­> Level 1 ---­> 2,000 xp (4,000) Oak Log ---­> Level 15 ---­> 3,000 xp (6,000) Willow Log ---­> Level 30 ---­> 5,250 xp (10,500) Maple Log ---­> Level 45 ---­> 6,750 xp (13,500) Yew Log ---­> Level 60 ---­> 10,150 xp (20,300) Magic Log ---­> Level 75 ---­> 15,200 xp (30,400) Redwood Log ---­> Level 90 ---­> 17,500 xp (35,000) Places to Firemake When you light a log, you always move to the west by 1 tile. Therefore a good spot to train Firemaking would be at Varrock Square. You get a whole inventory of logs with 1 tinderbox, you light the logs all the way to the west bank, take more logs off your bank and teleport/run back to the fountain. Repeat the process to get massive Firemaking gains ! You can also try out the Woodcutting Guild. When burning Magic logs, I notice there's a small place south of the Magic trees that allowed me to light easily 15 logs over 2 lines, if not more. Small Tips When I train Firemaking, I use 2 tinderboxes in my inventory placed like so This allows me to reduce the gap between the tinderbox and the logs. It makes it easier to click when you get to the last few logs of your inventory. Firemaking Cape Congratulations ! You have made it to level 99 Firemaking ! I'm not sure if it's coded like OSRS, but if it is, this skillcape acts as a permanent light source when worn. Pretty useful to save 1 inventory spot instead of a lantern or a candle when entering dark places. That's it folks ! Hope it was useful as usual, even though this skill is very basic to train. Leave a comment if you have questions or would like to suggest another place to train ! I'll try to edit it as informations come through Happy training !
  12. Montreal

    PvM Bossing Events

    How about an event where drop rates are bonified temporarily for the event for a said boss. That could allow some neat boss masses with lootshare on.
  13. I do agree with you. Although I'd add a little twist to that. I'd make it something like 25% at getting double seeds. High level seeds from Master Farmers aren't common, and getting 2 at once would definitely be nice.
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