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  1. No problem, I totally understand that. I should've mentioned the appeal process. Just to clarify, I wouldn't have made any actions against the ban, e.g. unbanning the account. I'd simply query if it was a just decision, because why should someone be wrongly punished, friend or not? If it's the right decision, then so it is and we leave it there. I just mean that in some RSPS' I've played on in the past, they've banned people for flaming, when that is a poor decision, it should've been a mute (that is what a good moderator would do in that instance, unless if it was a repetitive offence). I should've worded it better but oh well. Thanks for the response Mana.
  2. Varrock Username: Connor Age: 21 Timezone: GMT+1. UK Time Where are you from? Hull, UK How long have you been part of the Varrock Community? Since Varrock release How many hours do you spend online daily? On a weekday as I work, I'll spend typically 5 to 6 hours. On a weekend I can easily double that, although I will go out too, e.g. shopping so this may vary. Are you active in-game, discord, and our forums? I am active in all three. Why would you like to be part of the Varrock Staff Team? I feel I can contribute a lot to the community, I'd love to be recognised as part of the team because I want to help this server on it's way to a bright future. It is on course to that as I speak! What are some of the strengths you possess? I am a friendly guy to talk to and can easily adapt to people's personalities to keep a positive relationship. Due to countless years of playing Runescape and their private servers, I've learnt a lot of skills of being staff on the latter, but there are always more to learn. I also seem to be very patient, probably due to growing up with siblings and having to deal with them! What are some of your weaknesses you posses? I can sometimes overreact in a scenario, e.g. if someone has been flaming someone but it turns out they're friends, I may have misinterpreted the situation. Although I would not submit punishment without factors being reviewed any how. Please describe any experience in leadership or staff roles you currently have or had: As stated previously, I've played countless RSPS' over my years and therefore have a great knowledge of them. Some of them were staff positions not earnt and therefore wont be counting them, but others I have by helping out the community and showing an active presence. I have had leadership in many of these as I was server manager on a few occasions. Have you ever disagreed with a staff's (ingame moderating) action? If so, what would you have done as a Server Support in that situation?: I have not done such, apart from when Mally attacked Saphira (dare we speak their names) and got one hit as Saphira had God mode on. Saphira then refused to give back the stuff until later moments after people had come to Mallys side including myself. A friend of yours comes to you complaining that he has been banned by another staff member, and wants you to find out why. Upon further investigation, you discover that you believe the ban is unjustified. How do you handle that? I would have to look hard into the factors of the the ban, see if lighter punishment could be tolerated dependant on the act, e.g. if someone was banned for racism, this could be changed to a temporary mute, then hopefully changing their attitude for the future. If the ban was justified though then it is how it is. If there are a few users began saying "THIS CLIENT SUCKS!" and spamming it, what would you do? I would ask them to stop spamming and if they continue, would temporarily mute and pull them aside for a chat in a private place. I can then try calm them down and ask of what sucks about it, are there anything we can do to change it, etc. If they continue to spam, a mute should be put in place. Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application? I have a lot to offer which you can see looking at previous questions. I'm trustworthy and that is everything you need in a staff member. I want success for the server hence why I've stated before about donations being overpowered, in which action was taken on mystery boxes. This was for the good of the economy. What are some of the recognizable ways in which you helped the community? If people ask general questions, e.g. a price check, where something is, etc. I will assist. I think even being active a lot too has given my name a good look to. In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock with this position and what you hope to achieve in the future: I hope to bring another stable member to the support team. Even if my application was to be denied I would still continue to help out etc. because that's simply what I do. Do you understand that if you break any rules, abuse power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on your offenses? I understand this completely but I have no worries because I have no intentions of making mistakes like these due to the experience I've previously had. Thanks for your time, much appreciated. I will send answers to Mana's inbox of the further two questions.
  3. 11 to 10k for a shark seems very odd. I would recommend changing it to 5 to 10k. A lot of controversial prices, e.g. 6m to 7m for a dharok axe. But then again it depends on the seller and buyer. Quite hard to put a price on things this early on in the game. If dharoks is that price I'd say Ahrims top and bottoms would be 8 to 10m a piece then. The hood and staff being rather cheap
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