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  1. I created a Pet Log/Collection Log on Google Sheets and thought I'd let others use it too. All you'll have to do is copy everything on it, then make a fresh google sheet for yourself, and then you can start tracking your things. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y59Fu7DuUxP4TjtT5avK2YzxL4MKGCt26nv6JhDZij8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. tbh, dont know if this will even be viable or not
  3. Account (IGN) - Tony Stark (main is Ryan R, obv) Why do you want to join our clan? New to ironman mode, want it for some help here and there, and the social aspect. What are your goals here in Varrock? Max my main, max my ironman Are you willing to follow all clan rules and in game rules? Of course. Do you understand that breaking clan rules or in game rules (depending on severity) may result in permanent ban from the clan and possibly the server? Yes, of course. I want to be held accountable for my actions.
  4. I made a spreadsheet for everyones buy and sell offers. You can pm on discord, pm me in game, or even reply with your: IGN, Item name, Amount of that item, and the price you are selling/buying it for, and I'll add it to the list! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13deLgLaryvS1DsjrbfTW7RGxghHyRMk0OvsXG0PJpr8/edit?usp=sharing
  5. I made a spreadsheet for everyones buy and sell offers. You can pm on discord, pm me in game, or even reply with your: IGN, Item name, Amount of that item, and the price you are selling/buying it for, and I'll add it to the list! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13deLgLaryvS1DsjrbfTW7RGxghHyRMk0OvsXG0PJpr8/edit?usp=sharing
  6. I appreciate it, me and Joey worked on it for a decent amount of time. Ran into some issues, but we finally got it right. Once more people know about this guide, the more prices will get set.
  7. Any prices I do not currently have or that you think are incorrect please reply or pm me in game and I'll fix/update it. Since v1, I've added a lot more items, most not having prices. So I'm counting on the community to help me fill this out and in process create a well stable economy! There are a lot of items with no prices, I set this guide up so it could be re-used in the future. If I have only seen one sale for an item, thats what ill set the price to. So if you think somethings too high or too low, pm one of us. PM me or "Joey" in game to report sales, so we can update prices, and errors in the guide. Dharok's Helmet Dharok's Platebody 5m Dharok's Platelegs 6m Dharok's Greataxe 5m Set: Guthan's Helmet 5m Guthan's Platebody 5m Guthan's Chainskirt 5m Guthan's Warspear 5m Set: 20m Torag's Helmet Torag's Platebody Torag's Platelegs 6m Torag's Hammers Set: Verac's Helmet Verac's Brassard 3-5m Verac's Plateskirt Verac's Flail Set: Karil's Coif Karil's top Karil's Skirt Karil's Crossbow 2.5-3.5m Set: Ahrim's Hood Ahrim's Robetop Ahrim's Robeskirt Ahrim's Staff Set: Ring of Wealth Ring of Wealth (i) Seers' Ring Seers' Ring (i) Archers' Ring Archers' Ring (i) Berserker Ring Berserker Ring (i) 12.5m Warrior Ring Warrior Ring (i) Ring of the Gods Treasonous Ring Tyrannical Ring Amulet of Fury 10m Occult Necklace Berserker Necklace Armadyl Godsword Bandos Godsword Saradomin Godword Zamorak Godsword Bandos Chestplate ~40m Bandos Tassets Bandos Boots Armadyl Helmet 15m-20m Armadyl Chestplate 25-35m Armadyl Chainskirt 25-30m Armadyl Crossbow 40-50m Zamorakian Spear Zamorakian Hasta Saradomin Sword Infinity Hat Infinity Top Infinity Bottoms Infinity Gloves Infinity Boots Master wand Mage's Book Wizard Boots Staff of the Dead Toxic Staff of the Dead Trident of the Seas 10-15m Trident of the Swamp 25-35m Malediction Ward Robin Hood Hat Rangers' Tunic Ranger Boots 10-15m Dark Bow Toxic Blowpipe Heavy Ballista Light Ballista Odium Ward Dragonfire Ward Abyssal Whip 5-7m Kraken Tentacle 4-5m Abyssal Dagger Abyssal Bludgeon Black Mask 1.5-3m Serpentine Helmet Tanzanite Helmet Magma Helmet Primordial Boots Pegasian Boots Eternal Boots Dragon Warhammer Dragonfire Shield ~10m Dragon Full Helmet ~5m Dragon Chainbody ~2-3m Dragon Platelegs 1-2m Dragon Boots 2-3m Elysian Spirit Shield Arcane Spirit Shield Spectral Spirit Shield Blessed Spirit Shield Holy Elixir Ancestral Hat Ancestral Robe Top Ancestral Robe Bottom Twisted Bow Twisted Buckler Dinh's Bulwark Dragon Hunter Crossbow Dragon Claws Dragon Harpoon Kodai Wand 100m+ Prayer Scroll Elder Maul Dragon Axe 9.5m Dragon Pickaxe 10m Yew Log Magic Log Redwood Log Gold Ore Gold Bar Coal 2k Mithril Bar 5k Adamantite Ore Adamantite Bar 8k Runite Ore Runite Bar 20-25k Grey Chinchompa 3k Red Chinchompa 8k Uncut Dragonstone 50-100k Babydragon Bones 6-9k Dragon Bones 18-22k Superior Dragon Bones Dagannoth Bones 30k Lava Dragon Bones Raw Shark Cooked Shark 3-6k Raw Manta Cooked Manta 5-10k Raw Dark Crab Dark Crab Raw Anglerfish Anglerfish Super Combat Potions 40k Prayer Potion 12.5k Mystery Box 10-15m Legendary Mystery Box $10 Scroll 30-40m 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 3rd Age Melee Platebody 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 3rd Age Mage Hat 3rd Age Amulet 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 3rd Age Range Coif 3rd Age Range Top 3rd Age Range Legs 3rd Age Vambraces Santa Hat Blue H'ween Mask Green H'ween Mask Red H'ween Mask Black H'ween Mask H'ween Mask Set Rainbow Partyhat Black partyhat White Partyhat Yellow Partyhat Green Partyhat Purple Partyhat Blue Partyhat Red Partyhat Partyhat Set Godsword Blade 10-15m Crystal Key 500-750k Lamp 2m Crystal Seed Easy Clue Scroll Medium Clue Scroll Hard Clue Scroll Master Clue Scroll Cosmetics Gilded Full Helm Gilded Platebody 10m Gilded Platelegs Gilded Plateskirt 8m Gilded Kiteshield Rune Full Helm (g) Rune Platebody (g) 2m Rune Platelegs (g) 1.5-2m Rune Plateskirt (g) Rune Kiteshield (g) 1.25m Rune Full Helm (t) 1m Rune Platebody (t) 1.25m Rune Platelegs (t) Rune Plateskirt (t) Rune Kiteshield (t) Adamant Full Helm (g) Adamant Platebody (g) Adamant Platelegs (g) Adamant Plateskirt (g) Adamant Kiteshield (g) Adamant Full Helm (t) Adamant Platebody (t) Adamant Platelegs (t) Adamant Plateskirt (t) Adamant Kiteshield (t) Black Full Helm (g) Black Platebody (g) Black Plateskirt (g) Black Plateskirt (g) Black Kiteshield (g) Blue Wizard Hat (g) Blue Wizard robe (g) Blue Skirt (g) 1m God Wars Robe Top 1.5m God Wars Robe Legs 1.5m God Wars Full Helm 1.5m God Wars Platebody God Wars Platelegs 1.5m God Wars Plateskirt God Wars Kiteshield Cosmetic Items' prices change frequently. It comes down to how much people are willing to pay. These numbers were accurate at the last time updated and will be continually monitored. As goes for all of the other prices too. Items I'm unsure about being in game:
  8. they are that expensive even considering dragonstone bolts price?
  9. If you know prices, you can comment them below and I'll update it. With formatting, I haven't really looked into how to do it correctly, but I wanted to get the first price guide out there for the build block of the economy.
  10. Yeah, I'll try to keep it updated as much as i can. Some of these prices have been stable over the last couple days, so they might be ok. But I also want people to comment or pm me whenever they sell something, so I can log it.
  11. Like I said, I only know prices for a few things lol, but over time I'll learn more and we can have a great economy.
  12. This is going to be a very short one since I don't know a lot of the prices, but if you reply with items I've missed or prices I have wrong, I'll update it. Oh and if anyone wants to make their own price guide, to have it actually look nice, I'd appreciate it. I add items whenever I see the first sale. So prices may be off for some items, but they were at least sold at one point for the price. Some prices are set from one sale, so prices could be off. So the prices I know are: Legend: >10k, 10k-1m, 1m-10m, 10m+ Consumables Sharks 1k-10k each (price changes very frequently) Manta Ray 5k-10k each Sea Turtle 5k-10k each Prayer Pots (3) 12.5k each Melee Weapons Kraken Tentacle 5-10m Whip 8m-10m Ranged Weapons Ruby Bolts (e) 5k each Dragonstone Bolts (e) 5k-6k each (prices may drop if d stones get put back in at 6k each) Diamond Bolts (e) 10k each Armadyl Crossbow 50m (I've only seen 1 sale, so price could be far off) Magic Weapons Melee Gear Dragon Full Helm 5m Dragon Chainbody 3m Dragon legs/plateskirt 1m-2m Dragon Boots 2m-3m Bandos Chestplate 50m (I've only seen 1 for sale, it didnt sell, afaik. So price could be far off) Draconic Visage 7m (only know of 1 sale, also heard dfs was 15m, so someone confirm pls) Ranged Gear Armadyl Helmet 20m-25m Armadyl Chestplate 40m-55m Armadyl Chainskirt 40m-55m Magic Gear Skilling Items Mithril Bars 8k each Baby Dragon Bones 8k-10k each Dragon Bones 20k-30k each Ranarr Seeds 40k each Dragon Stones 50k-150k each (price might drop a lot since they were in a shop for 6k each) Cosmetic Items* Blue skirt (g) 1m Rune Platebody (g) 2m Rune Platelegs (g) 1.5m-2m Rune Kiteshield (g) 1.25m Rune Full Helm (t) 1m Rune Platebody (t) 1.25m Armadyl Robe Legs 1.5m Zamorak Full Helm 1.5m Miscellaneous Items Crystal Keys 300k Lamps 2m each *Cosmetic Item prices change very frequently and are only as much as someone will pay.
  13. Varrock Username: Ryan R(you know how to check for my alts lol) Age: 20 Timezone: EST Where are you from? Michigan How long have you been part of the Varrock Community? 5 days, but put a lot of time into the game and community. How many hours do you spend online daily? Lately I've been playing like 8+ hours a day since I haven't played RS or a rsps in a long time. Are you active in-game, discord, and our forums? Yes, forums I'm the least active on, but the more the forums grow, the more frequent I'll check it Why would you like to be part of the Varrock Staff Team? I feel like I could be a good addition with economy knowledge and I love helping people. What are some of the strengths you possess? Good with numbers and math for the economy side of things. Then I also go out of my way to help people and try to make everyone happy. What are some of your weaknesses you posses? I tend to get upset at small inconveniences, like being ignored, dying to a bug, etc. Also I ramble, so that probably explains most of this app. Please describe any experience in leadership or staff roles you currently have or had: Back when I played rsps' all the time, I modded on a few(all smaller servers though) Have you ever disagreed with a staff's (ingame moderating) action? If so, what would you have done as a Server Support in that situation?: I haven't seen much of any staff taking action. I was talking to someone from KOS and they said they were getting jailed for just allegations. I feel like there should be proof to the accusations to take action. A friend of yours comes to you complaining that he has been banned by another staff member, and wants you to find out why. Upon further investigation, you discover that you believe the ban is unjustified. How do you handle that? I would just gather all the information I could then take that to either Saint, James, or Mana and let them have the final decision. If there are a few users began saying "THIS CLIENT SUCKS!" and spamming it, what would you do? I would ask them a couple times to stop, but if they continued, they should get a temp mute, then perma if they continue spamming after the mute end. Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application? I mean, if someone gets promoted over me, they'll be a good fit. I feel like I could be a very friendly and helpful addition to the staff team. If anyone need help, if anything needs to be done, odds are I'll do it. What are some of the recognizable ways in which you helped the community? If anyone asks questions, I answer it. If anyone needs help, I do it. In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock with this position and what you hope to achieve in the future: I hope to be able to help grow the server and with it grow a successful economy. I will help anyone and everyone. I'll do my best efforts at bettering Varrock. Anything that I can do to improve the server and/or the experience of the players, I will do with all of my capabilities. Do you understand that if you break any rules, abuse power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on your offenses? Yes, of course. I want to be held accountable for my actions.
  14. In-game Name(IGN): Ryan R, Fletching, Runecrafting, Varrock Discord Name(#ID):DaddyMcDaddyFace/Luna/Ryan#3001 What skills have you almost mastered (70-99): Combat skills, Farming, Fishing, Cooking, Herb Reason behind applying: Want to be a part of a social clan. How can you benefit our local community in varrock?: I usually am pretty generous with helping people out(not by giving them things, but my time). Understand to full extent that breaking any rule either it be the clans or server will result in a ban from the clan and/or server?: Yes, of course.
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