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  1. you can't count to 100 without me posting.
  2. User has been RWT. Closed since he's banned.
  3. Mana

    Forum Signatures

    I believe i've enabled them a while ago. Can you check?
  4. *facepalm* yeah... we got none lad l0l. if somebody wanna volunteer and make same gfx as our member with color + change the name , i'll add them.
  5. ForumBot bot = new Bot("C:/Users/Mana/password.txt"); While(true){ If ( Number.equals("99") ) { Bot.LoginAs("Mana").Post(This.TopicId,"you can't count to 100 without me posting."); } }
  6. we refused some apps in the past for it if you look in refused apps. edit that part out again & you should be good for the next promotions for us to considerate you.
  7. Accepted. GL with the trials dm me on discord.
  8. Can you edit the formatting? I'll read it after. Just @ me when it's formatted
  9. Matter of a fact Shrimpie is on UK time zone also. Ironman too i believe. Didn't get to see you much ingame either. The rest looks fine. Good luck.
  10. I'll read this when it's formatted. @ me when its done
  11. No need to bump the apps. If we are not replying to them it is because Apps are OFF for now.
  12. This is basically saying you would on your own decide on what will happen careless about other staff opinion and who issued the punishment. Tbf this is a bad response to the question and i'm not looking foward of having any similar behaviour on our team. Especially on a biased point of view since the offender is actually a buddy of yours. The best behavior is ask them to simply make a appeal on forum & not take any involvement in the process just like you would have to do IRL as its a conflict of interest. As this is a team decision , it doesn't mean your out of the applications but it also means you won't get my support. Good luck.
  13. @JosiahGR i am missing ur 2 private questions though. Dm me them
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