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    Varrock Pre-Release Patch Notes V1 New Features & Additions: - Added a new account creation starter interface to include all our game modes with their relative XP rates and drop rate boosts. - Added Bosses & Demi Bosses: Cerberus, Demonic Gorillas, Vorkath, Abyssal Sire, Lizardman Shaman, Dagannoth Mother, Crazy Archaeologist, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, Scorpia, Vet'ion, Venenatis, Callisto, Chaos Fanatic and full God Wars Dungeon. - Added direct teleports to these bosses using our teleportation system at home. - Added Chambers of Xerics Raid. Featuring Lizardman Shaman, Vasa Nistirio, Vanguards, Ice Demon, Skeletal Mystics, Tekton, Muttadile, and of course Great Olm. - Added the Ancestral Robe Set. - Added Twisted Bow + Twisted Buckler. - Added Kodai Wand and Kodai Insignia. - Added the Inferno Minigame. Note: this will feature only consist of the final TzKal-Zuk unless players feel this is too easy and wish to have more of a challenge. - Added Puro Puro along with the corresponding implings to catch for Hunter. - Added Achievement diaries, which is viewable in the overview tab. - Added Achievement tasks, which assign players with an assignment to complete for some quick rewards while skilling or training combat. - Added the Construction skill, currently featuring about 85% of what OSRS construction features. - Added the Armadyl Crossbow to Commander Zilyana’s drop table. - Added the Kraken Tentacle and created the ability to craft the Abyssal Tentacle. - Smouldering stone now drops by Cerberus and hellhounds, allowing you to craft the infernal hatchet and pickaxe. - Added the ability to fletch darts. - Added Zenyte shards to the Demonic Gorilla’s drop table, allowing you to obtain the Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Torture, Tormented Bracelet, and the Ring of Suffering. - Added imbued rings and a method to obtain them. - Added Clue Scrolls and Treasure Trails, they will feature the same rewards as OSRS. - Added the God Vestment Robes, Capes, Croziers, and Stoles to the Crystal key and Clue scroll rewards. - Added a Blood Money shop and Mysterious emblems obtainable from PvP and wilderness content. - Added the Ring of Wealth (I). - Added a ton of Ornament Kits to the game, get that fashion scape on! - Added the Max Cape and granted it unique features as well as teleport options such as the ability to teleport to your slayer task! - The Max Cape will now act as the Ring of Life, as well as grant Fishing, Mining, and Wood Cutting Effects. - Added Unique Pursuits, which are NPC’s that spawn randomly, completing these pursuits grant you with a reward crate. - Added the Amulet of the Damned. - Added wilderness slayer. - You can now view NPC kill counts and drop tables in the overview tab. - Added a ton of boss and skilling pets. - Added a ton of skilling outfits and other cosmetics. - Began development on the Theatre of Blood Raid. Quality of Life Updates and Bug Fixes: - Fixed Character logout speed to be faster. - Fixed an issue where the combat level would not update when you leveled up in combat. - Fixed a bug with glory where if you couldn't teleport (30+ wilderness) it would still cost a charge. - Fixed the lag and load times when using teleports. - Fixed multiple fishing experience related bugs. - Fixed an issue where bones used on a gilded altar would not animate correctly. - Fixed Character tweening animations when idle. - Fixed an issue where items wouldn’t stack properly. - Fixed a bug with the Abyss not allowing you to access portals at the required level. - Fixed Runite ore spawns taking forever to come back. - Fixed gem crafting exploit which resulted in multiple cut gems off a fast click. - Fixed a issue where runes put in a pouch would not withdraw the correct amount when retrieving them. - Fixed an issue where crafting an Onyx Amulet would yield nothing. - Fixed an issue where occasionally birds caught on snares would not reward you with experience. - Fixed fletching interface to correctly display the items you can fletch. - Fixed fires burning out too quickly after lighting them. - Fixed the Abyss not allowing you to make runes higher than nature runes. - Fixed bankers facing the wrong way in Ardougne. - Fixed Serpentine visage and Blowpipe not charging for the right amount of scales. - Fixed a bug with Dragon claws special attack not dealing damage. - Dragon claws special attack is now 5% stronger than they were previously. - Fixed selection screen when picking your game mode type from defaulting to regular. - Fixed a bug which would prevent you from entering the Pest Control boat if you had a Skull. - Fixed an issue with pest control points not being received after completing a game. - Fixed an issue which could cause you to accidentally level your defence as a pure. - Amulet of glory now consumes charges properly after use. - Fixed an issue where combining dragon pickaxe with smouldering stone would give the dialogue that you have combined in to the "dragon axe". - Fixed an issue where combining dragon axe with smouldering stone would give the dialogue that you have combined in to the "dragon pickaxe". - Fixed an issue where only two locations would appear on the amulet of glory when worn. - Handled and corrected the teleportation options for the glory when worn. - Fixed an issue with the following boots and you can now create them properly: * Primordial boots by using Primordial crystal on Dragon Boots. * Infinity boots can be created by using Eternal crystal with Infinity Boots. * Pegasian boots can be crafted by using Pegasian crystal on Ranger Boots. - Fixed an issue where player would stop attacking an NPC randomly. - Fixed an issue that allows the player to teleport above 30 wilderness with glory. - The fountain's double experience now applies to all skills. Before, there were a few skills left out. - You can now learn how to route into Cerberus's cave for free. - There is no longer a delay when you attempt to log out. - Fixed an issue where the character would face away from the gilded altar when offering bones. - Fixed an issue where the player would be able to use the 'home' command whilst in PvP. - Fixed an issue where you would sometimes receive a negative amount for a slayer task. - Fixed an issue where some of the game settings would not save upon logout. - Fixed and tweaked combat: * Magic is more realistic to OSRS * The combat triangle has been tweaked to work better against the weaknesses - Fixed an issue with a raids instance would be nulled whilst logging out / in. - You can't log out whilst in combat anymore. - Items that has a value of 500k or above will now be highlighted on the ground with a green color. - You can no longer use the spell book 'home' teleport in wilderness and in combat. - Fixed an exploit that would cause the server to be terminated completely if the player typed a specific invalid character in the public chat. - Fixed an issue where arrow shafts didn't give correct experience. - Fixed an issue where Ironmen wouldn't be able to get a replacement for "Ironman" armour. - Removed the announcements when opening a PvM casket. - Corrected spelling errors throughout the server. - The color for 'x has received a drop: " has been changed to green just like OSRS. - When searching the chests in raids, it used to say: "You stick your hand in the chest and see if you can find anything useful", this has been changed to "You search the chest and find x amount item_name". - Ground items will now be removed from the ground and disappear after 300 game ticks. - Resolved some issues with the definitions decoders in client: * Item definitions * Object definitions * Graphics definitions - The client has been optimized a little and can now handle 2500 packets per tick instead of 5. This allows overall smoother gameplay. - Fixed some issues with construction: * Some furniture didn't require correct materials * Some furniture / rooms would null your house and your character upon logout * Corrected some of the data in the code - Removed the 'You currently do not have a bank pin' message from appearing every 5 mins and will now appear upon login instead. - The distance to use the chest at home has been lowered so you walk over to the chest before using it. - Search button in Teleport menu no longer crashes client. - Logs will now turn into ashes when they are burnt out. - Fixed a glitch where an easter egg would appear below the player when they used the dragon claws special attack. - Fixed an issue where an item showing to the public after it being dropped would continue to be duplicated every tick. - Herblore potions now correctly make (3) potions instead of (4). - Javelin’s are now equipped in main hand slot instead of quiver. - Reworked the way items are proceeded when it is dropped. - Fixed an issue with untradeables becoming visible for others. - Added ::home command. - Added ::Empty command with a warning. - Added ability to empty potions. - The banks at pest control can now be used. - You can toggle data orbs now to choose whether you want to see your health, prayer and run energy near the mini map. - When an item is over 500k, the right click option will now also be highlighted. - Crowns are now shown when you right click a player. - Adjusted thieving stall XP rates. - You can now use the space bar to 'continue' in dialogues. - You can now view your current slayer task in the quest tab. - Clicking your slayer task in the quest tab will tell you how many left to kill. - Added the ability to toggle potion timers. - Added ground item names, drops will appear with white text after a kill, can be toggled. - Reworked all shops for a better overall economy and ease of access. - You can now use the teleport options in the spell book and no longer need to be near the teleportation device, however: * You cannot open the interface above 20 wilderness * You cannot open the interface under attack. - Changed shop inventory so you can’t max as easily. - If the item on the ground is stackable, it will show item value * amount instead of price per item. - Reworked ironman shops to give more of a reason to use them. - Added a gilded altar at home so you can get higher prayer experience without needing a POH. - Total experience counter no longer resets on logout. - Quick prayers now show when active. - Replaced the old look of the special attack bar with a more recent version. - Shops will restock at a faster rate to prevent them from reaching 0. - Increased maximum amount of items able to be sold to Shops - Timers for potions display correctly. - Items now disappear after 2 minutes when dropped. - Zooming out no longer glitches out the client. - Banks West of Varrock now work as intended. - You can access more than 5 bank tabs now. - Added click to fill compost bin, removes all weeds from your inventory. - Added Karambwan and the ability to cook them. - Added server information to the overview tab (includes time, play time, well active/inactive, double experience, vote bonus experience). - Added player info to the overview tab (includes amount donated, vote points, pest control points, mage arena points, slayer points and consecutive slayer task streak). - Added pvp information to the overview tab (includes KD ratio and Kill streak). - Added some new skilling specific zones to benefit players. - Announcements for hitting 99 in a skill and maxing will now show up properly. - Pressing escape will close what ever menu is currently open. - All teleport options in teleport menu function as intended (Wilderness, City, Skills, Donator etc..). - Anti Venom works properly. - The following changes and fixes has been applied to the imbued heart: * The imbued heart will now correctly boost your magic level just like OSRS * Added the correct OSRS messages to it * If you attempt to invigorate the heart while the boost is active, it will tell you when you can do it again in minutes just like OSRS. - Donation system has been completely reworked for economy balancing. - Cooking will now burn at the correct rate on all fish/meat. - Big net fishing spot now correctly requires a big net. - Milestone tab correctly displays in the cooking skill menu. - Mystery box’s announce only Very rare and higher+ items to avoid spam. - Added Crystal keys to drop tables. - Rune pickaxe has been corrected to the requirement of level 41. - Added Hardcore Ironman Death Announcements. - Updated the starting inventory to include more useful items. - Multiple Graphical overhaul changes have been implemented throughout the world. - Added message for when Antifires are about to expire. - Slayer has been reworked and is now better than ever. - Magic books have been reworked. - Loyalty points for being online have been added. - Toxic blowpipes can be crafted properly now. - Serpentine visage can be crafted now. - Changed the Grapple hook requirement for passage in God wars Dungeon. - Anti-Dragonfire shield now correctly blocks damage when paired with a Antifire potion. - Home teleport spell in spell book takes you home now. - Added a fix for when someone full screened their client it crashed unexpectedly. - Added Rooftop agility courses to Ardougne and Seer’s Village. - Added Mark of Grace to exchange for the Graceful Outfit. - Formatted the player username so the first letter is capitalized in most cases. - Clicking the 'boost' button in quest tab tells the player what the boost activates when active. - Fixed an issue where toggledrop would not save properly upon logout. - Fixed the following issues with pest control: * Upon entering a ship, it would sometimes randomly dc you out due to an error with the server. * Fixed various NPCs that would become unattackable at after certain attacks. - The following Game modes XP changes has been applied: * Regular mode: 150x combat XP, 50x skilling * Legendary mode: 30x combat XP, 20x skilling, 10%+ drop rate * Veteran/extreme: 10x combat XP, 7.5x skilling, +20% drop rate * Ironman mode: 30x combat XP, 20x skilling, +10% drop rate * HC ironman: 20x combat XP, 10x skilling, +15% drop rate * ULT ironman: 10x combat XP, 7.5x skilling, +25% drop date - The highlighted name for an item that is 500k or above is now purple instead of green. - The highlighted name for an valuable items will now take stack items in consideration, so if you have 50000 death runes * 180 and if its above 500k, then that item will be highlighted. We are just getting started, hope you all are as excited as we are, more to come shortly! Official Varrock release on May 22nd!
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    Official Rules and Regulations Listed below are the official rules set by the management team here on Varrock that every player and staff member alike are expected to follow. Failure to follow these rules laid out here can result in a variety of different sanctions. In-Game Rules: I. Communication and Conduct A. The use of excessive disrespectful, inappropriate or offensive language towards another player. This can be regarding anything about him or her such as their gender, race, religion, morals, or views. We will allow minor cursing and bantering slide, so long as it is not excessive or offensive towards our players. Here on Varrock we strive to have a community that is enjoys their stay and the atmosphere we hold, and thus this will not be tolerated under any means and will result in a mute under a staff members digression. B. The state of toxicity. This can entail several behaviors, but has to do with overly verb abusing, constant flaming and / or flame-baiting, or spreading negativity to an extreme extent. The goal here is to have a positive community, not one constantly in a state of anguish. Throwing a rage fit in public will do nothing but get yourself muted. Our staff team is ready to communicate with you to resolve any and all problems, there is no need to be toxic. C. Account names that contain inappropriate or disrespectful language or symbolism are strictly prohibited. Accounts made with these names will be forced for a name change or a ban. D. The purpose of the Varrock Help chat is to help new or existing players with anything in regards to the game. You are welcome to stay and hang out, but avoid disputes and conflicts with fellow members. This is the first thing new players see, and thus we ask that you keep any inappropriate language or bantering in another means of chat. E. Harassment is strictly prohibited. This involves aggressive pressure or intimidation towards another player. If you are reported and caught for doing this to someone else, you will be muted immediately, with the duration reflecting past offenses under a staff members digression. F. Spamming on Varrock is simply not allowed. This prevents us from having a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. If you are selling an item, or just simply announcing anything, limit it to a message or two every few minutes. We as players constantly read the chat, so we are aware of your announcement, no need to spam it. Spamming will result in a mute anywhere from one hour to a week depending on the amount of repeated offenses. G. Luring a player to the wilderness in an attempt to kill them to steal their items is a form of deceptive behavior. This involves using scripts to convince a player to enter the wilderness whether it be in public, private, or global chats. This will be taken very seriously and will result in a ban, removal of items from the lurers account, or at the very least a mute. II. Advertising A. The advertisement of another community that acts as a direct competitor to Varrock is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant ban. This punishment is permanent and all appeals for this will be ignored. B. Common known links such as YouTube, Rune-Server, or anything along those lines are fine to post and are permitted. If you question whether or not you are allowed to post something, contact a staff member for advice. III. Misleading Links, Hacking or DDOS Threats A. Misleading links are not allowed on either our forums or our discord and should not under any means be advertised on our server. A phishing link or anything that redirects a player in an attempt to steal information, will result in an instant removal from our community. B. Hacking or DDOS Threats should never arrive on our platform. If you are threatening someone with these, expect to get permanently muted if the action is severe. If you are looking to play games of sort, this is not the place to do so. We have skilled and informed members within the management team which will take immediate action towards these remarks. C. If you are being threatened on these lines, contact a staff member immediately. Remember, this is most likely a bluff, they have no way of obtaining your information throughout our platform unless they send you something in private. Do not click links if you do not trust the person sending them. IV. Real Word Trading (RWT) A. You are not allowed to trade any means of currency across other games in exchange for Varrock items or vise versa. It is prohibited to use other means of trade for a benefit on Varrock. We strive to provide a fair experience for everyone, and thus this rule implies to keep all items related to Varrock on here only. The management team on Varrock will scan for this everyday to ensure no one is breaking this rule. If you think you are clever and attempt or execute this action, you will be permanently removed from our platform. V. In-Game Services A. If you are buying a service from another player in exchange for Varrock GP, you are taking it upon your own risk. If you are scammed, just know that it is on you. Staff members will take action on the scammer if there is evidence to support the claim. It is heavily advised to buy services from very trusted members or staff members within our community to avoid this risk. VI. Scamming A. Scamming will not be tolerated under any means. If you take on a gamble and lose the bet, you must pay up. Failure to do so will result in administrative action that will end up in the removal of the scammed item, a ban from gambling, or perhaps a global ban. B. Intentionally giving another player false information such as a value of an item in an attempt to benefit yourself. This will result in a return of the scammed items, and a removal of equivalent wealth from the scammers bank. VII. Bug Abuse A. If you have found a bug that will give you an advantage in our game such as safe-spotting an end game boss, it is your duty to report the bug instead of abuse it. Failure to do so will result in either a temporary or permanent ban. B. Skull tricking a player in an attempt to steal their items kept on death is considered a bug abuse and will result in removal of the items obtained by that skull trick from your bank and a ban. VIII. Macroing A. The use of a macro, an auto clicker, or a script that allows you to do an action effortlessly while AFK is strictly against our rules. All forms of macroing will be dealt with in a severe manner and will result in temporary to permanent ban, as well as removal of bank wealth or resetting of stats if deemed necessary. IX. Staff Authority A. If a staff member contacts you and tells you about a violation of a rule which is not on that list, you are expected to follow their word. They are highly trained and dedicated their time to moderate the server and the community within it. In short, if a staff member says something, please follow it. B. You are expected to respect each and every staff member, while setting aside any conflicts or differences for the good of the server. They are here to help you, let bygones be bygones. X. Donations A. If you choose to buy a product from our store, that product is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE! This means that you knowingly and acceptingly agree to purchase an item from our shop knowing there will be no such refund if requested. B. If there is however proof of ingame loss due to server issues or a failure of receiving items ingame right away, contact an administrator. All chargebacks will be denied and disputed with evidence of your purchase and received items. Forum Rules: 5 warning points = 3 days restricted from posting 10 warning points = Forums ban (14 days) 15 warning points = Forums ban (Permanent) I. Communication A. Use of Inappropriate Language. This is similar to our In-Game rule regarding communication. Any topic, post, or private message directed to a member or group within our community in an attempt to flame them, or insult them is prohibited. Absolutely no harassment or intentional disrespect is allowed. II. Post Etiquette A. Spamming with the intent of gaining post count for any reason is not allowed. This can involve giving an irrelevant reply to a topic. Posts containing little to no words will be rendered as a spam. Will result in a penalty of 3 warning points. B. Grave digging is the act of posting in what is considered to be a "dead thread" or a thread that has not been active in over 20 days. Exceptions for this will be made in bigger threads such as community feedback, suggestions, or updates. Will result in a penalty of 2 warning points. C. Make sure to post your thread in the correct section! This is to be followed at all times, it is very annoying to have to manually move threads just because you did not spend a few seconds finding the right section. This will result in a penalty of 1 warning point per thread, which will get removed after a month of following the rule. D. Use of misleading link is strictly prohibited. Links to well known sites are alright such as YouTube. Otherwise misleading links are not allowed and can result in a removal of our forums depending on the severity. E. Discussion or public creation of a thread involving but not limited to inappropriate images or pornography is strictly prohibited. This involves inappropriate avatars, signatures, or anything along the lines that can be used to showcase such things. Failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban. III. Forum Accounts A. The act of giving a self-repping or giving yourself a thumbs up will be dealt with by simply removing all your reputation. If this is repeated, it will result in a complete wipe of all reputation obtained. B. Requesting reputation, likes, or support for your thread is not allowed. Incentivizing players for any reason will result in a permanent denial and removal of your thread. If a player feels like leaving a comment on your behalf, that is their decision, do not try and force the issue. C. Inappropriate forum usernames are not allowed. Similar to our rule in-game, we do not tolerate inappropriate names that contain vulgar language, hate, or anything along those lines. This will result in an immediate removal off our forums. D. Evading bans by making a new account will result in a longer ban and a mac ban to prevent this action further. E. Staff impersonation will not be tolerated by any means. It will be dealt with harshly if a player is proven to have done so in a serious way. If you do not see a staff icon or staff user bar under the posters reply, then they are not an Varrock staff member. IV. Advertisement A. You can advertise your thread in-game, considering it is deemed appropriate, however you are not allowed to advertise any form of game or community that is a direct competitor of Varrock. This will result in a permanent removal from both our forums and our server. V. Threats and Leaking Information A. Making a thread of a DDOS or Hack is strictly prohibited and will result in a removal from our forums either temporarily or permanently. B. If someone has shared information with you regarding their personal lives, and does not approve of you sharing it, it is illegal to do so. It will result in a permanent removal from our platform. In-Game and Forums Agreement By being on our forums or playing our server, you hereby understand and accept our rules and regulations we have set forth. You understand that you are responsible for your own actions and failure to follow our rules will result in a sanction of sorts. Your in-game and forums account are the property of ours, while you are merely allowed to play on it. You understand that your account will be subject to a form of punishment if you are caught breaking these rules. If you have a question regarding our rules, please contact a staff member. If you accept these rules, then we welcome you with open arms, hope you enjoy our game, and look forward to seeing you online!
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    Bruh we a sick as fuck clan nomsain? Here is the way to join: Just fucking say ya want to, ya dig? We own everything. Wildy, duel arena, dice area, ur mom. Yes this clan is legit. Pls join lmao. Nick outttt EDIT: ROSTER Owner - Nick Admin(s) - Omega
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    This is sad, be more creative. I do not approve
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    I'm Aux, I'll be the funniest and coolest guy in the server from day 1. You can kinda see me like the top N word around. I tend to get baked, and I get all the hottest items dropped to me. If you need an AGS day 1 I'm the man. -Cum
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    Hey guys, I'm Buns, also referred to as Luna, and I look forward to playing Varrock on release. Little about me: I am really interested in Cats and Fish, own multiple and they all super cute. I have been playing Runescape for years and believe this server can be really successful with the current management. Oh and I'm also Zio's Wife. Looking forward on getting to know and play with you all, - Buns
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    #1: Fire Cape is more of a mission than Divorce #2: if you press A, up, down, you are now a fully-pledge retard for even trying this #3: Swimming in the water with your clothes on may or may not cause you to drown
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    Yo wassup im 3hunna, I like long walks on the beach and making homemade margaritas with extra tequila so i stay fucked up when i play this game. Other than that I love you all and dont pk me plz
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    My name is Kyle but I normally go by Wraith or Xiled Wraith. I've been playing Runescape for the better part of 15 years and I started playing private servers about 5 years ago. I was an admin and support team member in the past on a different server. I'm looking forward to racing all of you for boss drops when Varrock comes out.
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    Hello Everyone, I would like to thank you all for introducing yourselves and taking interest in Varrock. It's nice to see an active player base that is well connected and willing to get to know one another. Definitely a friendly community which is more than welcoming and nice to see. So, allow me to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm known as Zio around the RSPS community, but feel free to call me by my name, Sam. I am pleased to inform you all that I will be the manager behind this server. This is not my first rodeo managing or owning an RSPS, and based on previous experiences, I can say that we will strive to be successful. A little about myself; I am born and raised in New York City, and this will probably be my home for years to come. I have been a Runescape player for over 15 years now, and its shocking to think about that. I got into private servers about 10 years ago, since then have managed to own and develop a successful one that has lasted for years. A couple of months ago I was interested in starting an OSRS based server, one in which focuses on the community, so I teamed up with James and since then a lot of work has been done. I am very easy to approach, and I would like to take the time to meet each and every single one of you. I will not be a manager or a higher up that is impossible to reach, if you wish to speak to me, simply dm me on discord and you'll get a response in reasonable time. My main focus is to work with the community to produce a quality server, which is hard to see these days, so I'll need your help. Some activities outside of RSPS include a variety of FPS games, nowadays I am big on Apex Legends. Feel free to play with me sometime, I have been told that I am pretty hilarious when I play these types of games (probably because of my habit of raging or doing some stupid shit I would regret, but I still be dropping some nice plays ). I enjoy other recreational activities but will save that for another day. I am excited to see where we will take Varrock. We have done a lot of work to get to where we are, but this journey has just begun. We have a ton of content, however there are lots more features to add. I look forward to showing you all how efficient teamwork, development, management, and the community satisfaction can perfect a server. Thank you for reading my introduction, I look forward to reading all of yours, and of course seeing you in-game!
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    I'm Ray, Australian. Will play under ironman only.
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    Hey all, just saw the Facebook advertisement for this. Looks decent. Gonna give it a go! be sure to add me with ign ^ leg curlz ;)
  14. 2 points
    Hello everyone! Been playing Runescape since 2006. I really enjoy playing RSPS because family and work get in the way of me grinding out on official servers. Can't wait to see everyone in game.
  15. 2 points
    hi my names Daniel I’m 26 and have been playing old school RuneScape on and off for 10 years
  16. 2 points
    I'm Alex and I'll be going by the name of Firulais. Got here due to the add @ Facebook. Been playing for many many years. Here to formally present myself and catch you @ edge
  17. 2 points
    Hi, im a 20 year old male from Sweden. Regularly play rsps's and always trying to find the hidden gem amongst the servers, this one looks really promising and cant wait for it to release :)
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    This is my about me.. working, smoking, playing, sleeping, screwing. thats about my life. welcome to the shit show...
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    Hey guys my name is Justin here from down south. Highly anticipate being apart of a server start up hope to enjoy the game and be apart of growth. See you all on launch day!!
  20. 2 points
    Hey everyone it’s Deez Nutz here. Super excited for free stuff and fun pvp. Can’t wait for the server.
  21. 2 points
    Greetings, I am The One. I am 20 years old, come from Lithuania. I enjoy playing osrs and rsps' ocasionally. I saw this server advertisement on facebook, and decided to check it out. Sadly, i won't be able to attend the grand opening, because I'm currently serving in the military, and only have weekends for myself - The One
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    Hi, looking forward to trying out this new server.
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    Yo, what's good. I'm a full time sous chef, part time hiphop artist, full time dad, part time RuneScape enthusiast. I used to be an admin on an old server called UnScape back in like 2008, the server did pretty well before getting shut down. These days I play OSRS occasionally, mostly on mobile. I saw your server launch advertised on Facebook and decided to pop by and check it out. Good luck on the server launch. -NexGen PS. If anybody wants to do me a solid you can check out my music on YouTube at NexGen HipHop and also follow my official page on Facebook with the same name.
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    Account (IGN) - Anubis Why do you want to join our clan? Because pineapple belongs on pizza. What are your goals here in Varrock? Become the best without the aid of trades Are you willing to follow all clan rules and in game rules? Of course Do you understand that breaking clan rules or in game rules (depending on severity) may result in permanent ban from the clan and possibly the server? Yes
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    #4: If you manage to start from 1gp and get to 100mil gp, then i welcome you zezima
  26. 1 point
    I'm GirthyDaddy, and you are all my children now, and you will call me Papi.
  27. 1 point
    Welcome to Varrock Rohn, Hope you have an amazing launch day with us ! see you in game soon.
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    Hey there My name's Albert, I played RS and a few servers for quite some time now and like to partake in PvP / PvM activities. Excited for this server release I'm sure it'll be fun to play with y'all.
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    Since there is no suitable forum section I thought I would post here. It would be nice for us all to hook up on xbox/ps. Post your tags below! XBL: a TV Stand PSN: X_N_4_T_T_Y_X
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    Hi everyone. Below you will find my application for staff, all jokes aside this is a 100% serious application and reflects my goals, interests and aspirations as a potential member of the Varrock staff team. To the application -- Varrock Username: Nick (hopefully). Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern Standard (UTC -5) Where are you from?: I was born in Chicago, lived for awhile in STL and within the past few years moved to NYC. I live in an apartment complex with the Server Manager, @Zio. How long have you been a part of the Varrock Community?: Since shortly after Zio joined, as he told me about it. I'm not the most active person but I have the ability to act professionally and provide timely feedback, alongside my critical decision making skills. Are you active in-game, on discord, and on the forums?: Increasingly so, but as I stated above I'm not the most active person. I do put my personal life and work before Varrock. I think everyone should unless of course this is their job. Why would you like to be part of the Varrock staff team?: I've never had a problem with being a staff member, I just usually strayed away from/declined positions of power in the past due to the community, if I am honest. I was offered a staff position (and held one) on a server I currently play that has been running for 1.5+ years. I quickly removed myself from staff level duties due to the playerbase and it's toxicity. I have yet to run into that toxicity here, so, honestly, I'd like to give this server's staff team a shot. I think I have some serious value to add. I believe @Jacoband @Monk Bird would vouch for my good character. What are some strengths you posses?: Critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, humor (yes, that's a skill), the ability to form coherent sentences, and I will tell you like it is. I'm not a sugarcoater. If you're looking for someone who butters everything up and pretends the world is all sunshine and rainbows, then I would advise you to disregard this staff application. What are some of your weaknesses you posses?: I think "telling it like it is" can be both a weakness and a strength. I also have a lot of priorities that come before Varrock - school, work, my personal life (to name a few). Please describe any experience in leadership roles you currently have or have had: I listed this above, but I'll recap - I was a moderator (with admin acc access and forum administrator access) on a currently running server with an average playercount of 50+ for several months. I resigned/removed myself from the equation due to toxicity of the server and its administration. I am also a manager IRL at my job, where I work for the 4th busiest location of my particular business in the entirety of the United States (of which there are 2,200 locations). Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application?: I am significantly more mature (when necessary) than probably 99% of the entire RSPS community. That in an of itself should speak volumes. What are some recognizable ways in which you've helped the community?: I'm talkative on discord, and I've mentioned the server to a few buddies. I have not made any significant impact however, if I am completely honest. In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock in this position and what you hope to achieve in the future?: Honestly, I just want to bring the staff team piece of mind and the playerbase the same. I dislike servers where the two communities are separated from each other and I think I can bring a sense of union to the likes of both. I also bring alongside me professionalism and perfectionism which I believe both go a long way in changing the overall experience for the better. Do you understand that if you break and rules, abuse your power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or end up being a horrendous staff member you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on the severity of your offense?: Of course. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, Nick
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  32. 1 point
    As much as we're hyped, these final hours are used to critically check all content and ensure it's ready for release so I'm going to have to disagree lol. I know a few of the staff personally and they are just as excited as we are.. but they are diligently working to ensure a finished product/a clean product upon release. Be patient. Greatness awaits!
  33. 1 point
    Welcome to our club. Welcome to our club. Welcome Fuck welcome Fuck welcome Fuck welcome Fuck.
  34. 1 point
    Hope to see you ingame on Wednesday! I'm psyched for the release too! Enjoy your stay man and welcome to this amazing community.
  35. 1 point
    Varrock Username: BenDaProdigy Age: 21 Timezone: EST (GMT-4) Where are you from? Connecticut, United States How long have you been part of the Varrock Community? Less then a week How many hours do you spend online daily? 8-10 Are you active in-game, discord, and our forums? Yes Why would you like to be part of the Varrock Staff Team? I am a very respectful person that finds satisfaction in seeing others succeed. What are some of the strengths you possess? Gaming, Helping community, time management, organization. What are some of your weaknesses you posses? Gaming when my girl is around, which is only about once a week for a few hours, she has a very busy schedule. Please describe any experience in leadership or staff roles you currently have or had: owned a RSPS have been moderator on a few, including but not limited to Project Catastrophe. Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application? I'm a very hard worker and can do anything I put my mind to and have a passion for helping others. What are some of the recognizable ways in which you helped the community? I try to be as active as possible and spend long days on games that I enjoy mostly helping myself and other people succeed to be the best we can be! In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock with this position and what you hope to achieve in the future: I hope to help build a stable community and help others succeed inside the game. I also intend to be support for anyone who needs it or just if anyone needs someone to talk to about everyday things. Do you understand that if you break any rules, abuse power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on your offenses? 100% I hope you seriously consider my application, as I believe I can be an amazing addition to your staff team and really help this game become the game we all know it could be!
  36. 1 point
    My guy, glad you decided to stop by
  37. 1 point
  38. 1 point
    Hoping to make some pals
  39. 1 point
    Hi Noob here. I play games ty
  40. 1 point
    Faultycrafts here, you can call me by my ingame or my irl Jarod. Got a nice little family so if I'm off I am offline I'm with them. Also a full time job, but will still be enjoying the grind! Played RSPS's for a long time now closing in on roughly 13 years. Played Runescape since 04 and loved it always. See you in game!
  41. 1 point
    Account (IGN) - The Iron Noob Why do you want to join our clan? Cause I am a noob What are your goals here in Varrock? play from release. stay active on an ironman and normal account. Are you willing to follow all clan rules and in game rules? YESS SIRR Do you understand that breaking clan rules or in game rules (depending on severity) may result in permanent ban from the clan and possibly the server? YEAHHHRRRR
  42. 1 point
    Ayy how’s it going. These are always awkward lmao, but anyways. My name is Alex but pretty much everyone calls me bodhi. I’ve played rs and Rsps since I was like 9 so at this point I have more fun meeting people than actually playing so hope to see y’all ig.
  43. 1 point
    Welcome wraith, I'll be sure to race you for boss drops as well ! That number one spot is mine .
  44. 1 point
    Hi sistersss, I'm 21 years old and i'm from India (dont hate plis) . Despite being from India, i assure you, i am a pretty cool dude. I've played runescape for over 15 years (on and off) and rsps for over 10 years (on and off) . I go by the name Ecstasy/I is legend. Y'all can call me Nivad. I love helping around and being part of a community. i love PKing more than anything else xD, especially multi-pking with a bunch of friends. i am also a low-key forum whore IF the community turns out nice. Really excited about this rsps, hoping it turns out well. feel free to approach me ingame or on forums if you wanna talk. also a quick shout out to @cicero for being real nice when i joined. Take care. [ALSO, F*** JAMES CHARLES.]
  45. 1 point
    I'm sure you have or have been a part of projects I have partaken in. Nice to meet you brother. I usually go by Zio, Ziothus, Sam around the rsps community
  46. 1 point
    Similar to the other mod application, these promotions are NOT my decision, however I will just give some feedback from personal experience. Since the server has not even launched yet, I feel as if we do not know you well enough and thus could not fully trust you with a staff rank. I highly encourage you to remain active, helpful, and respectful to everybody and you may have a great shot at landing this role in the future. Best of luck on your application. Thanks!
  47. 1 point
    OML I didn't know there were any left on this Earth XD. Nice meeting ya man I'm already digging your activity on our forums, hope its the same come server launch
  48. 1 point
    Looking forward to other ironman in this game, competition will be enjoyable
  49. 1 point
    We are indeed! Excited to get grinding with ya.
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