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MDry's Application

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Varrock Username:

Mdry / M3




+2 CET

Where are you from? 


How long have you been part of the Varrock Community? 

About a week or 2 before launch

How many hours do you spend online daily? 

Depends, but average around 2-3 hours

Are you active in-game, discord, and our forums? 


Why would you like to be part of the Varrock Staff Team? 

Because i think i can be of good use on the server and i enjoy the server and community ofcourse

What are some of the strengths you possess? 

I strive to be as correct as possible, rules are rules i am someone who follows the rules, i am also extremely respectfull to other players. i'm truthfull i always tell how things are ( unless told otherwise ) 

What are some of your weaknesses you posses? 

I'm not always optimistic about some things, Also i have a (dark) humor, it has happend before that people misunderstood my humor but after quickly mentioning thats its just how i am people will understand

Please describe any experience in leadership or staff roles you currently have or had:

 I have been a server support before with hopes of promoting. None gaming related i am currently a teamleader at my job which requires me to be strict and on point with everything ( 5 years of construction and 3 as teamleader, going back to school this year. )

Have you ever disagreed with a staff's (ingame moderating) action? If so, what would you have done as a Server Support in that situation?: 

As i mentioned above: rules are rules. When we disagree i will first off all know me place which means if i'm disagreeing with a mod i will suck it up and go to an admin about the problem. If it has nothing to do with the active rules i will always try to explain why i think i am right, however i will respect the others opinion and if they turn out right i have no problem admitting that i was wrong.

A friend of yours comes to you complaining that he has been banned by another staff member, and wants you to find out why. Upon further investigation, you discover that you believe the ban is unjustified. How do you handle that?

Once again as mentioned above: rules are rules no matter what.

If there are a few users began saying "THIS CLIENT SUCKS!" and spamming it, what would you do? 

 I consider this as harassment towards the server and its players, I believe in second changes so a warning should be on its place, however out of experience if there are people hating on the server i know this wont be a 1 time thing. I will do research if he has any more offences and according to the rules will punish with the correct punishment, if however he does stop after a warning all will be fine.

Why should we choose to promote you as opposed to someone else's application?

 I am strict when it comes to having a responsible role. People are to follow the rules, 1 warning ( unless told to give more by higher autority. MUTUAL respect is my highest priority.

What are some of the recognizable ways in which you helped the community? 

As the server being as new as it is there haven't been any outstanding actions besides the "drop party" where some guy dropped all kinds of donator scrolls and i just helped cleaning it up.

In a short paragraph, please briefly explain what you hope to bring to Varrock with this position and what you hope to achieve in the future: 

I'm hoping to bring alot of structure to the community and keeping it as fun as possible. After talking to me for a few minutes you'll realise i'm a really fun person to play around with but when needed also a very mature player. I'm hoping to help players but also punish those who don't follow the rules.

Do you understand that if you break any rules, abuse power, fail to follow the Staff handbook, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have further actions taken against you depending on your offenses? 

I hope you've seen that i like rules, so yes ofcourse.

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