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  2. Welcome, don't worry you'll enjoy it.
  3. Hello, My name is Kayla, Seen this server advertised on a Youtube Video, so decided I'd give it a go. Played RSPS and Runescape for a few years now and played on some pretty known ones. I'm not sure what my goals are so far on this server but will prob rush for max cape. Hope to see yous all around in game or on the forum.
  4. Today
  5. Thanks guys! I'm excited to see yall wednesday!
  6. Callister


    What’s up boys, ready to go extreme mode 1 defense pure, if I’m online don’t go in Wiley gl!
  7. Ancientpk4


    How ya’ll doin? Ancientpk4 here. Looking forward to some great pk’ing and some good grind in this server! Lets have some fun! HYPED
  8. Hey there! I never played rsps before, I wanna try it, since I’ve seen it on the forums. Looking forward to release - destenationfait
  9. Destershot


    Hey there fellow runescape lovers, Today I saw an advertisement on facebook and I am more than happy to try out this rsps! I played runescape all of my childhood and now that I’m grown up, I don’t have the time for the grind in game. I played elkoy back in the day but that got shutdown and restarted, losing the fun in the ps. I sincerely hope that we can all have a fun gametime here. Even tough I nearly have no time to play, I’d like to enjoy my RS time when I invest the free time I have. Greetings from the Netherlands! Mark -ign Destershot
  10. Figured it'd get lost in discord (Click HERE to join) where it was posted so anyone who is interested in seeing it could see it on the forums before initial release! Looks pretty cool so far as it's still in development Zio has confirmed, what do y'all think of the uniqueness? 10/10.
  11. DGK

    me mod app ggz

    This hurt my eyes and killed brain cells, thanks.
  12. Very nice picture Joey, have you been hitting the gym? Here's one of me chilling with the bros
  13. DGK

    I’m back

    Damn lol, good find back then, I just found out recently about Varrock, anyways welcome back and enjoy da stay!
  14. was feelin cute mite delete l8r
  15. recruit me, we have da same name and i have this siggy tht the forums don't allow yet but imma make it look like a siggy. now that I see chicken mcthuggets it makes me want sum, damn.
  16. Ur in bois welcome to the klub. here are some chicken mcthuggets as some inspiration https://gyazo.com/0892c13f474eabfea9a5e1033fcd51d4
  17. This is sad, be more creative. I do not approve
  18. Looking good! See you all when it’s online!
  19. Altar

    I’m back

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum back almost a year ago and waited patiently to hear some updates from the server. Glad to see it will be online soon, see you all there!
  20. Mentaiko

    Hey guys

    I remember the good old stays. Kicking chickens for exp, moving onto cows, and making my way up. Earning my way to my first rune pickaxe, only to lose it when my DSL internet cut out randomly and I've aggroed scorpions. Hope this server is great!
  21. Altar


    Welcome Cash, I expect all features to be fully working upon release or shortly after release. We’ll have to wait and see from the staff!
  22. Altar


    Welcome Hiro, enjoy your stay here at Varrock
  23. Altar


    Welcome, enjoy your stay
  24. What’s up! Welcome to Varrock
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