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    • Guest dmfcobra
      i dont think i should be able to get 2 boss pets. ive done 300 kree arra kills for hilt and got 2 pets. i just dont feel the need for it to be on the drop table for me since i had one in bank already...  
    • Cute's Fishing / Cooking Guide 101 Hey you fellow Varrock members Welcome to my Fishing / Cooking Guide Ironman/Normal To start Fishing you will need to use Skills Teleport to travel yourself to "Skillers Cove" To buy fishing supplies you'll need to speak to "Master Fisher" LVL: 1-20 Shrimps and Anchovies  Location: south/west of the bank Item requirements: Small Fishing Net LVL: 20-40 Trout and Salmon Location:  south of the bank Item requirements: Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers Normal: You can get feathers from the fishing shop  Ironman: Killing chickens(located in Monster Teleport "Chickens")   or aviansies (located in GodWarsDungeon) LVL: 40-76 Lobster Item requirements: Lobster pot Location: south-east of the bank LVL:76-99 Sharks  Location:  west of the bank Item requirements: Harpoon Cooking I suggest getting 99 fishing first before cooking for fastest xp rate or you can get full inventory of fishes same time you are fishing and cooking them in the Skillers Cove cooking range Best place to cook is in building across the pond east of Falador Skilling Zone (bank is 6 squares close) If you can give better tips comment down below I made this in a hurry (english isn't my native language)  
    • I created a Pet Log/Collection Log on Google Sheets and thought I'd let others use it too. All you'll have to do is copy everything on it, then make a fresh google sheet for yourself, and then you can start tracking your things. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y59Fu7DuUxP4TjtT5avK2YzxL4MKGCt26nv6JhDZij8/edit?usp=sharing
    • Fletching is a simple skill    Current methods: Making arrowshafts by using a Knife on logs (the high level logs the more shafts per log) to craft arrow shafts then by using feathers is currently the fastest way to train To obtain a knife go to the general store or as an Ironman you can use the Ironman shop Feathers can be bought at the cooking shop at home or by purchasing at the skillers cove fishing shop, if you're an Ironman go to Aviansies with a ranged or magic attack. They can drop up to 2.2k at a time Arrowshafts can be made by any logs and the rates are as follows: Logs = 15 oak logs = 30 willow = 45 maple = 60 yew = 75 magic = 90 other methods of fletching are plausible but none are as rewarding.
    • I'm bit late to do my intro but here it is  (and sorry if i copied this from someone) Who am I?  I'm Cute (noway) I'm 19yo from Finland, I study IT in vocational school. Personality? Most people know me as an kind-hearted person. Why Varrock RSPS?  Found ad in YouTube lol. Seemed very cool, and I love the community here. But wanted to try RSPS in a long time I've played many private servers, but not with this username. Runescape experience? 3000h + Do you play other games? Yes, CSGO most of the time and Rust. More questions?  Feel free to add me in-game to ask any questions, or simply reply to this thread with your question.
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